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The Night Of… Comedy (but not only). Trip in the fourth day of IFF 2017

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17 Viaggio nel quarto giorno dellIFF 2017[Ischia, 27 June 2017]  Maccio Capatonda and Herbert Ballerina. Just saying their names is a pure comedy, thinking of them together is a masterpiece. What Monty Python used to be some decades ago, now are these two artists of the comedy, philology and cinephilia declined with a brilliant insanity. "Omicidio all’italiana” is a cornerstone of the program of the night of comedy, a masterpiece that narrates modern Italy, the show business sinking into trash, a critic both aesthetic and ethic on the world we are living, among Guy Debord and Louis De Funès, among Marx brothers and Buster Keaton. To be studied in school, as well as Italiano Medio. It will be introduced not only by the great Maccio and Herbert but also by the twice nominated to David, Roberta Mattei, super in being the serious counterbalance of the two main characters.  

This comedy night will have an introduction of substance: “La notte del professore” by Giovanni Battista Origo and “Buffet” by Santa De Santis and Alessandro D’Ambrosi will be the tasty starters, in which two stereotypes both comic and social – the condominium and the buffet- are driven to extremes by young filmmaker, but hugely prepared and full of talent. Is a detective story “La notte del professore” with the location of a condominium being the silent protagonist; a disaster movie, almost military, is instead the wonderful Buffet, seen as the deadly weapon of finger food. 

Before them, “The driving seat” and “Selfie” play with love and our bad habits. With reasonable and cruel irony. In Piazza d’Armi between Rome and Naples, other two original and surprising comedies. If in “Lasciati andare” we’re laying on class struggle in the room of a psychologist, but not only, and on the dubious love between Elena Anaya and Toni Servillo, shamelessly good at making people laugh (pay attention also to an extraordinary Carla Signoris), in the movie that will follow, “I peggiori”, we will find proletarian superheroes that for-profit will justice themselves. Desperate and super fun, as only occasional workers can be. These two works, already cult movies, are directed by two young filmmakers: Francesco Amato on the one side and Vincenzo Alfieri on the other, also main character together with a Lino Guanciale that will surprise you. But never as much as the little star Sara Tancredi: if she doesn’t worsen by growing up, she will become the new Paola Cortellesi.

This isn’t, however, just the night of comedy. The lovers of art cinema will find, in Carcere Borbonico, one of the best movies of the season: “Monte” by Amir Naderi (who has prepared an exclusive surprise for the public of Ischia Film Festival), that will be introduced by the main characters Andrea Sartoretti (for many “Bufalo” in Romanzo Criminale, but in the latest years he’s having a huge artistic development) and Claudia Potenza, who is remembered by many of you for Basilicata Coast to Coast. Heroic characters of a movie that tests both them and the public, a feature film that can stun and touch you. We will come back to Fukushima disaster, with the documentary “Fukushima: The silent voice”. The prison of a silent and invisible radioactivity that will catch your soul.

In Casa del Sole “Zu Gast Bei Freunden”, for the section denied location, narrate the meeting between a refugee from Burkina Fasu and Brigitte. In Zurich. The surreal story of the most excruciating modern drama,that of people forced to leave the country in which they were born and hide themselves in another place in which they’re not wanted and respected. Then, the mini cycle devoted to Sky Art HD: “Andrea Pazienza, to the extremes” is a trip in the art of one of the biggest modern visionaries, a cartoonist that has rewritten the visual and emotional grammar. An extraordinary and unmissable work, for the lovers of talking clouds but not only.

We close, in Casa del Sole, with one of the most fascinating documentaries in the competition, “Unwanted Heritage”: the story of a tormented land, ex Jugoslavia, through its monuments. A trip almost silent among the imposing depositions of a story that is often forgotten or lessened.

Finally, one of the bets of the new Ischia Film Festival, tv series. Do not miss the first three episodes of The night of, with John Turturro. It’s super, with the prize for the career of IFF 2017 playing one of his best performances. Today and in the coming days in the breathtaking frame of Terrazza degli Ulivi

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