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Journey into the third day of the IFF 2017: the program of 26 June 2017

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13 Programma terza giornata per sito

Not only John Turturro. The IQOS Innovation Award, the Ischia Film Festival lifetime achievement award will be given to the Italian-American artist after a talk with the big cinema expert Gianni Canova and the journalist Federico Vacalebre, that cooperated with the actor and the director at the movie “Passione”. This film will be screened after a “cinema talk”.


However, the rest of the Castle is not lagging behind.


An extraordinary daily double in Piazza d’Armi: we will begin with “Graffiti a New York”. A trip in New York in which we are accompanied by its most famous writers (we will call them graffitists). Some of them will reveal themselves for the first time.


Soon after, at 10 pm, Toni D’Angelo will introduce to the public “Falchi”, crime novel that will make Naples look like Honk Kong: the duo composed by Fortunato Cerlino and one of the best actors of his generation, Michele Riondino, breathtaking. Peppe and Francesco are unmissable. And, maybe, lost into a hell of cement, dust and desperation. “It doesn’t look like an Italian movie” as many could say. Do not miss it. Piazza D’Armi closes with “Lypso”, directly from Scenarios of Campania, story of a special date in an island.


Coming back to the Cathedral, here’s “Un altro me” by Claudio Casazza: the location is the hardest to tell: a jail. And the Theme is painful: femicide, told by the executioners. A punch into the stomach, a work that cannot be ignored. A lesson of cinema but not only.


The House of the Sun will probably be the most charming step of this evening. In its program there is a train journey. Indeed, the Swiss short film “La femme et le TGV”, with a splendid Jane Birkin, a high-speed love story. Between the train driver and a lonely woman.


Just after there will be the film in the competition “Immortality”, which maybe is the most interesting and surprising film of the Ischia Film Festival 2017 selection. Extraordinary beautiful Iranian work, 145 minutes of sequence shot, completely set on a train, to follow six stories. This year we decided to focus on the narrative and visual importance of the choice of the location: this brave choice of setting a whole film on a train is exactly in line with the new setting of the festival. Moreover, we are talking about a masterpiece.


At the Bourbon Prison, new enchanting festival location, two beautiful short films will be screened - “Fantassut”, shot in the Idomeni refugee camp, and “Moby Dick”, sorrowful wreck ship with the excellent protagonist Kasia Smutniak - and the beginning of the homage to Pasquale Squitieri. In this location, that the master would certainly like, the actress and last wife of the filmmaker, Ottavia Fusco, will present “L’altro Adamo”, the last short film of a man who always had the courage of his ideas. Here again, he will surprise you. The evening will end with“Sacred Water”. In this film set in Rwanda, the sacred water represents the female sexual pleasure. But don’t expect a porn documentary: it is a poetic and lucid vision of a taboo, a way and a filter to understand a fascinating different culture.


Finally, at the Olive Terrace the two last episodes of “1993” and another wonderful documentary “Dil Leyla”, that tells the true and powerful story of a 26-year-old Kurdish girl who will become major of the city she had to flee. A brave and unforgettable film.


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