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Journey into the second day of the IFF 2017: the program of 25 june 2017

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Viaggio nella seconda giornata dellIFF[Ischia, 25 june 2017] In Italy there’s a famous song : give me three words, “sole cuore amore”. We’re not fool, but the soundtrack of the second day of the festival could be this. At 9.50pm the new section “Best of” will host Isabella Ragonese and Daniele Vicari that will introduce in Cattedrale dell’Assunta a painful and strong work, the true story of a woman who just wanted to be happy but lived in an unfair world. Ours. The actress, playing the role of Ely, won the “Globi d’Oro”: the filmmaker of Velocità massima e Diaz managed to give her an extraordinary role, that rarely happens to women in our cinema. A crucial work, “Sole cuore amore”, that forces us to look inside our minds. One of the best Italian movies of the latest years.

Outstanding performance also the one that Francesco Bruni, in his third movie as a filmmaker, has entrusted to Giuliano Montaldo, not only a great filmmaker ( just think of Giordano Bruno and Sacco e Vanzetti) but also a refined actor, here for the first time as a co-protagonist. The filmmaker from Tuscany in “Tutto quello che vuoi” (at 8.45 pm Piazza D’Armi, section “Best of”) will tell us about the friendship between a young boy from the suburbs and an 85 years old poet. A trip, theirs, into the memory and the present, sweet and fun, also thanks to a special cast. Impossible not to laugh and be provoked.
Coming back to Cattedrale dell’Assunta, at 8.45 pm we have the chance to meet Carlo Bonini and Giuliano Foschini, journalists at Repubblica and recently graduated at Centro Sperimentale with an ad Honorem degree. Fair recognition for a work as “Nove giorni al Cairo” (documentaries section), documentary of excellent quality on one of the open wounds of our recent history: the murder of Giulio Regeni, researcher tortured for days and then killed while he was in Egypt, firstly physically and secondly with lies offending his memory and hiding the truth on its death. To see: in order not to forget and because it’s one of the best documentaries of this year.
We cannot forget the other three locations and 11 works with a huge value in the rest of the night.
In Piazza d’Armi, after “Tutto quello che vuoi”, will be showed the short movie “Dime Short”, portrait of an America that you don’t expect, and after “Perché sono un genio”, story of the life and outstanding talent of Lorenza Mazzetti, in Ischia with one of the filmmakers: it’s the touching story of a pioneer of free cinema, a writer, painter, enthusiastic as a child and full of talent and stories, such as the one that made her spend a part of her life with Einstein family.
The clou of the program will be in Piazza d’Armi, at prime-time, a documentary that doubts on one of the strongest certainty of the Western world: the fact that Shakespeare is English. Alicia Maksimova, with a rigorous investigation, make us doubt. Could he be Sicilian? You’ll discover it watching the movie "Was Shakespeare English?". The film of the filmmaker English and Russian of origin is a dowel of a program of breathtaking short films: if “La forza del silenzio” and “Uomo in mare” tell imprisoned and brave lives, “Mirables” and “Natività”, two pearls of the new section “Scenari campani”,are together with the wonderful resources, often hidden, of the art of the amazing Campania.
In the new location , Carcere Borbonico, there will be a great triptych: the shot movie of Luca Lepone “Amira” is pure visual art that fill, thanks to its main character, its location (a big city), with poetry and grace. Same grace belonging also to the two Iranian sisters protagonists of “Red Season”, who escape in Teheran to become actress. The last movie of this new location is an indian film “Urvi”: 150 minutes, but do not be scared. The style is the one of Bollywood, a jump into the movie world of India with beautiful women and repugnant bad men. A fascinating work that hides, beyond its pop style, a tragic story of savagery and chauvinism through the eyes of the victims of a brutal man. One of the surprises of the section “features” of this year.
The televiosion is the protagonist of Terazza degli ulivi, the closest location  to the sky of Aragonese Castle, that hosts “Under the Sky” (and not only). The fourth, the fifth and the sixth episode of “1993” make us fall in a decisive moment of the recent Italian history; the 1993 was the year that most changed our country, and we can remember it through a real movie divided into 8 episodes, that have a charme even in a nonsequential viewing. Stellar cast, excellent script. The Italian House of cards.

For fun and and to be touched: Tutto quello che vuoi

Not to forget: Nove giorni al Cairo

To not look the other way: Sole cuore amore

To believe in the unbelievable: Was Shakespeare English? and Perché sono un genio

For a black and distant fairy tale: Urvi

To remember: 1993

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