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Ischia Film Festival 15? No, 1+5

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Many news for the 2017 edition of the festival of the island of Campania. And, especially, great cinema and many international guests.

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[Ischia, June 24, 2017] 15th edition, Ischia Film Festival is growing up. And that’s clear. An exposition, that of the island, founded and managed by Michelangelo Messina from the beginning and that this year has as artistic director Boris Sollazzo. A revolution in the sign of continuity, that’s the common thread of this IFF number 15.

Fifteen yes, but also 1+5.

1 because this wants to be a new first edition, a new start that won’t leave anything of his glorious past but, at the same time, is looking forward for the future.
5 because 5 are the news. Five are the competitions, for instance. To the four international competitions (feature films, documentaries, short films and Denied Location, that will see this year his winner awarded with the Bayer Award), is added the new category “Best of”, showcase and competition of the best works of the Italian movie season. A parade of great works and stars that will see a winner: the prize given by the public, fist big news of the festival, will be assigned only for this section.
Guests of honor will be John Turturro, who will receive the prize for the career of IFF (l’IQOS Innovation Award) and Claudia Cardinale, already icon of the manifesto of the last Festival of Cannes and in the island with her daughter for the tribute and the retrospective (the only one, so far) devoted to Pasquale Squirteri, that will be opened by the actress together with the last wife of the filmmaker, Ottavia Fusco.
In order of appearance, there will be in Ischia, for this trip into the movie season just passed, the next patron of the Cinema Exhibition of Venice Alessandro Borghi, Andrea Arcangeli, Luca Barbareschi and Alessandro D’Alatri, the journalists Carlo Bonini e Giuliano Foschini with the documentary devoted to Giulio Regeni, Francesco Bruni, the “Globi d’Oro” Isabella Ragonese and Francesco Amato, Daniele Vicari, Toni D’Angelo, Maccio Capatonda, Herbert Ballerina, Roberta Mattei, Krzysztof Zanussi, Walter Veltroni, Andrea Sartoretti, Claudia Potenza, Guido Lombardi, Edoardo De Angelis, Isa Danieli, Jasmine Trinca, just back from the award to the best interpretation in the section Un Certain Regard in Cannes and Sergio Castellitto. And also Fabio Balsamo, brilliant element of the The Jackal, Elisabetta Rocchetti, Claudio Casazza, Patrizio Rispo, Vincenzo Alfieri, Gianfranco Pannone, Alessio Maria Federici, Volfango De Biasi. And many others, young independent filmmaker and affirmed authors, emerging actors and interprets that work with stages and sets from a long time.
Another relevant news is the section Under the Sky: a retrospective-prospective, an eye on that cinema that does not reach the big screen, but that catches the attention of the public with products of high quality. It will start with the satellite platform that has changed, with his work, the movie grammar of our country, both in the production and in the distribution but also in the creation: Sky. For the first time in a festival, not only the first episodes of the tv series will be played but they will be offered to the public in their totality, as is due to a movie work. Ischia Film Festival does not have borders or preconceptions, but only cinema in any of its shades: that’s why The Night Of will be crucial in the retrospective dedicated to the career awarded John Turturro, that will receive on the 26th of June l’IQOS Innovation Award, so as 1993 in the “Terrazza degli Ulivi” will tell us how much Italian tv seriality is growing. Finally, the Italian preview of Riviera, as an eye on the future: the first episode will be shown in the biggest open room of the Castle. One of the most important tv series of the next season and one of the pearls of the Sky Atlantic programming. In under the sky you will find also the remarkable work of Sky Art: Federico Buffa in “Graffiti di New York”, art of Andrea Pazienza and Michelangelo Antonioni will be the backbone of this trip in a creative reality unique in Italy.
The third step of this revolution is an even wider view of the concept of location, permanent center of gravity of the festival. That’s the case of Immortality, brave Iranian film, completely set in a train, metaphor of a whole country and absolute protagonist of the film. Because, if the territorial and cultural identity of a country can be conveyed by this kind of location too, and if the location is a crucial narrative element, our festival cannot and must not neglect it. From this idea, of visual and narrative writing of locations and of its centrality in filmmaking, starts the partnership with SIAE.
The penultimate step of this new journey toward the future is changing the lifelong achievement recognition, now IQOS Innovation Award with the aim of honoring the career, the past of the masters of cinema, but also their ability to reinvent themselves, to change, to search new concepts in new places. To not be afraid of different locations, in life and in cinema.
Not even of denied locations, as proved by the arrival of the new Bayer Award in the most complex and powerful section as for contents, to give even more value to one of the most innovative ideas of Michelangelo Messina at Ischia Film Festival. This is also confirmed by the director of Bayer Italia, Daniele Rosa, who will award the young talents of the section.
“The engagement in this Festival is in line with the new activities linked not only to the world of cinema, but also to the social sphere. With our little contribution we want to give a voice to those not having rights to belong and live in their own countries because of one of the many modern tragedies; it takes a particular meaning for a multinational committed to the improvement of quality of life. An event that rewards the youth and addresses themes of negation of human rights couldn’t do anything but committing in the promotion of the best projects”.
Finally, the fifth dowel of this revolution: never forget our location, that’s Scenari Campani: in the year of the greatest effort, the year in which both in terms of quality and quantity the festival shows higher levels, the year in which Italian and international cinema grow with our exhibition and they also rely on us, we start from our region, Campania. We take in a non-competitive section all the best of our regional production, without any difference in genre, format or duration.
A revolution in the sign of continuity, as shown by the annual convention on Cineturismo, “Cineturism in Italy; an opportunity for the territory: analysis and perspectives” on a theme emerged for the first time at the IFF, thanks to Michelangelo Messina, forerunner and creator of this neologism now diffused all over the world. Also in this edition politics, cinema and tourism meet to speak on this topic.

Ischia Film Festival 15, therefore, but also 1+5. A new beginning and five great news.

Ischia Film Festival 2017 is supported by MiBACT – general direction for the Cinema, SIAE and Campania region, with the contribution of Philip Morris Italia e Bayer Italia. A due thank also to our technical sponsor: B:rent, Alilauro, MedMar, Cantine Antonio Mazzella, Negombo Poseidon, Ambrosino, Ceramiche Mennella, Euro Test Service, Carlone.


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