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Ischia Film Festival 2017: in competition works

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Here are the films that are competing for the prizes of the XV edition of the Festival
[Ischia, June 6 2017] After all the hard work that the artistic directors Michelangelo Messina and Boris Sollazzo, assisted by the selection committee, put in the organization of this year edition of the Festival, here's the list of all the works in the competiotion sections. 
The categories are four: feature films, documentaries, short films and Denied Location.
Eleven is the number of countries represented, coming from four different continents; Italy alone counts sixty works (the side sections will be announced in the next few days): proof of the attention that the Festival gives to our filmmakers, too often penalized from the lack of prestigious showcases where they could display their works and make them known; Twelve is the number of female directors (a notable statistic) and the Festival intends to increase it significantly in the next years, starting from all the new talented female on the Italian movie scene.
Here's the complete list of all the works in competition for the upcoming XV edition of the Ischia Film Festival that will take place from 24 June to 1 July 2017 at the amazing Aragonese Castle.
Terrazza degli uliviIN COMPETITION Section – Feature films
Caina (Italia, 2016) by Stefano Amatucci
Even Lovers get the blues (Belgio, 2016) by Laurent Micheli
Immortality (Iran, 2016) by Mehdi Fard Ghaderi 
Le Monde Dont on Reve N'existe Pas (Stati Uniti, 2017) by Ayoub Qanir
Orecchie (Italia, 2016) by Alessandro Aronadio
I peggiori (Italia, 2017) by Vincenzo Alfieri
La pelle dell’orso (Italia, 2016) by Marco Segato
Urvi (India, 2017) by B.S. Pradeep Varma
Il velo di Maya (Italia, 2016) by Elisabetta Rocchetti 
IN COMPETITION Section - Documentary
Un altro me (Italia, 2016) by Claudio Casazza
Colours of the Alphabet (Regno Unito, 2016) by Alastair Cole
Dil Leyla (Germania,2016) by Asli Özarslan
La lunga strada gialla (Italia, 2016) by Antonio Oliviero, Christian Carmosino
Nove giorni al Cairo (Italia, 2017) by Carlo Bonini, Giuliano Foschini
Il presidente del mondo (Italia, 2016) by Francesco Merini, Michele Cogo
Sacred Water (Belgio, 2016) by Olivier Jourdain
Unwanted Heritage (Croazia, 2016) by Irena Skoric
Was Shakespeare English? (Regno Unito, 2016) by Alicia Maksimova
IN COMPETITION Section - Short films
Amira (Italia, 2016) by Luca Lepone
Buffet (Italia, 2016) by Santa de Santis, Alessandro d'Ambrosi
Confino (Italia, 2016) by Nico Bonomolo
Dime Short (Stati Uniti, 2016) by Krista Gano
The Driving Seat (Regno Unito, 2016)by Phil Lowe
Fantassút (Italia, 2016) by Federica Foglia
La femme et le TGV (Svizzera, 2016) by Timo von Gunten
La notte del professore (Italia, 2016) by Giovanni Battista Origo
#Selfie (Germania, 2016) by David M. Lorenz
Il silenzio (Italia, 2016) by Farnoosh Samadi, Ali Asgari
La squadra (Italia, 2016) by Andrea Brusa,Marco Scotuzzi
The Trader (Spagna, 2016) by Manuel Alvarez Diestro,Sergio Belinchon
Die Überstellung (Germania, 2017) by Michael Grudsky
Valparaiso (Italia, 2016) by Carlo Sironi
Valzer (Italia, 2016) by Giulio Mastromauro, Alessandro Porzio
IN COMPETITION Selection - Denied Location 
Fukushima: Les voix silencieuses (Francia, 2016) by Chiho Sato, Lucas Rue
Halim (Austria, 2016) by Werner Fiedler
The invisible city (Belgio, 2016) by Lieven Corthouts
Latif, poeta combattente (Italia, 2016) by Massimiliano Zanin
Lost in Hope (Germania, 2016) by Aline Hochscheid
Mary Mother (Italia, 2016) by Sadam Wahidi
Moby Dick (Italia, 2017) by Nicola Sorcinelli
On récolte ce que l'on sème (Francia, 2017) by Alaa Ashkar
Red Season (Iran, 2016) by Hasan Najmabadi
Run(d) for freedom (Italia, 2017) by Francesco Furiassi, Francesco Agostini
Samedi Cinema (Senegal, 2016) by Mamadou Dia
Uomo in mare (Italia, 2016) by Emanuele Palamara
Zu Gast Bei Freunden (Svizzera, 2017) by Luisa Ricar
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