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The Olives Terrace

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The Olives Terrace, located in the west side of the Castle, is used for the screening of the works of the official selection, and for the meetings with the authors.

This terrace was once the garden of the Castle. There’s a magnificent view of the Gulf of Naples from up here, and you can admire the majestic Angevin towers. The Castle was rebuilt in 1441 by Alfonso D'Aragona as a gift for Lucrezia d'Alagno, the beautiful commoner from Torre del Greco he was involved with. Later the Castle was occupied for 35 years by the princess and famous poetess Vittoria Colonna. She escaped to Ischia with her father when she was 8 years old, for political reasons. She married Fernante d'Avalos, and the greatest artists and literary men of that time were invited to join the celebrations. After Fernante D’Avalos died, fallen in battle, the princess sought solace in differents covents of Italy.

On the detailed map of Aragonese Castle, the Olives Terrace is marked by the number 8.


You can reach/display this location using the map of Ischia Film Festival on Google Maps.

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