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The Bourbon Prison

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The Bourbon Prison, located in the east side of the Castle, from 2017 is used for the screening of the works of the official selection, and for the meetings with the authors.

A pre-existing building was used as a prison in 1823 by the Bourbons of Naples. In 1851, this prison hosted together with criminals, many political prisoners and eminent men of the Italian Risorgimento, like Poerio, Pironti, Nisco, Agresti. The robust doors,  the massive gates, the different watchtowers, and all the spy-holes by which the prisoners were monitored, prove the severity of the prison.

On the detailed map of Aragonese Castle, the Olives Terrace is marked by the number 7.


You can reach/display this location using  the map of Ischia Film Festival on Google Maps.

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