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Michelangelo Messina in the international jury of Bulgaria's film festival

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Another important experience for The Ischia Film Festival director 

The institutional commitments, that will bring Michelangelo Messina ( and The Ischia Film Festival) on a long journey made of  festivals and conferences around the world, are about to start; waiting for the fifteenth edition of The IFF. After the experience at The Molodist, The Film Festival of Kiev, in 2015 in Ukraine, The Ischia Film Festival director was invited to join the international jury of the 24th edition of “ Love is folly “, the most important Film Festival of Bulgaria. This Festival takes part each year in the shining city of Varna, considered the black pearl of The Black Sea.


The Bulgarian Minister of Culture Vezhdi Rashidov,  considers The Festival of Varna, that hosts  more than 200,000 visitors,  a strategic appointment between the Bulgarian film culture and the international one. In the jury there will be, together with Messina, the Russian writer and director Aleksandr Konstantinovich Kott., author of “Brestskaya krepost” (2010),” Ispytanie” (2014) and “Insayt” (2015). The Armenian artist Harutyun Khachatryan, the Spanish Miguel Barros, film-maker of “Nadie quiere la noche” (2015), and the Bulgarian actress and director Ernestina Shinova. The Film Festival of Varna has been the first festival that affected the development of the Bulgarian culture and the democratic change in Bulgaria. Every year the Festival program includes more than 90 works, 12 films produced in the last two years, films of individual artists, film trends and a retrospective of The Bulgarian Cinema. The Festival hosts more than 200 guests, like The Bulgarian Cinema elite, important international artists, critics and film journalists. The Festival, accredited to Europa Cinemas, ICCA, ECM and AIPC,will take place from 25 August to 3 September. This year The Festival will host the Georgian director “Marlen Khutsiev”, fought by The Russian Governments, author of many masterpieces like “Two Fyodors”, “I Am Twenty” and “Infinitas”. At the ripe old age of 90, Marlen Khutsiev will receive The Lifetime Achievement Award “Tribute Award”.


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