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Anna Magnani in Vulcano

Posted in Festival history - sixth edition 2008

Omaggio della Panaria Film ad Anna Magnani

Panaria Film pays homage to Anna Magnani

Panaria Film was funded by Francesco Alliata in 1946. The company is well known for its innovative contribution to the cinema industry and represents Sicily most important major film studio.  

In the same year Francesco Alliata using a professional 35 mm video camera shot the firsts under water scenes in open sea. Panaria film during her lifetime produced and realized around thirty documentaries and seven feature films in her care.


The photographs of Anna Magnani displayed, are those of the Archive of Panaria and were realized during the two movies, Vulcano di William Deterle and La Carrozza D’Oro di Jean Renoir, interpreted by the fabulous actress. La Carrozza D’Oro is considered by Truffaut a masterpiece on a worldwide level.

Vulcano, have been recently restored by the Bologna’s film library with the cooperation of the Sicilian film library. The movie became famous for being shot during the same period in which Roberto Rossellini was shooting Stromboli in a nearby island as well as for the gossiped competition within the two characters of the movies: the new couple Rossellini-Bergman were in Stromboli while Anna Magnani, the actress that the director had just broke up with, was in Vulcano.

Anna did not give up and decided to realize the movie as initially planned. She settled in the Aeolian isands with the director William Dieterle, the prince Francesco Alliata and the others young aristocrats of Panaria Film, who first had the idea of shooting in Stromboli. The two troupes challenged each others working simoultaneously, not too far away in the Thyrrenian archipelago, fighting against hot weather, volcanic exhalations, their private grudges, doubts and remorse.
The exhibition represents the homage that Panaria film pays to his more beloved actress in her birth centenary year.

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