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Ischia Film Festival: the winners of the 14th edition

Posted in Festival history - Fourteenth edition 2016

38 I vincitori della XIV edizione[Ischia, July 3th 2016] During the awarding ceremony on Saturday 2nd, the winners of the fourteenth edition of the Ischia Film Festival have been officially announced. The Best Film of the 2016 edition is Bella e perduta by Pietro Marcello – unanimously declared winner by the International Jury composed of the chairwoman, film director Margarethe von Trotta, French producer Catherine Dussart and German actress Anjorka Strechel. Pietro Marcello’s movie, as can be read in the jury’s statement, is like a chant that is able to harmonize imagination, fairytale, poetry and reality. The prestigious Castello Aragonese Prize for the Best Director went to Ben Sharrock with Pikadero, a high-level debut where the mise-en-scène – notwithstanding the limited means available – is always adequate to the narration. The young Scottish author proves to already truly master his profession, starting from the off-stage scenes so skilfully introduced in a direction displaying a profound sensitivity for the image and aesthetics from Hopper to Shaw, i.e. both from a cinematographic and from an artistic and theoretical perspective. The Epomeo Prize for the Best Photography was awarded to Pietro Marcello and Salvatore Landi as a further recognition for Bella e perduta: analog film and digital technology, two apparently opposed aesthetics, go hand in hand without ever risking of falling into banality thanks to an extremely skilful photography. The Aenaria Prize for the Best Set Design goes to Menuka Rai for Kalo Pothi by director Min Bahadur Bham. In a festival centred on locations it is necessary to look for the soul, understand the very nature of a place and share these values. Kalo Pothi brings us to Nepal and allows us to have an encounter with this extraordinary country, its atmospheres as well as its problems.

A Quest for Meaning by Nathanaël Coste and Marc de la Ménardière has received the prize in the Documentaries section: a travel around the world and inside themselves leading two friends to face cultures, thoughts, generational experiences and be “reborn” in the awareness to be individuals within something unique, i.e. the Earth, continuously undergoing cyclical changes. A poetic and profound work, particularly appreciated by the Festival’s National Jury, this year composed of actors Marco Palvetti and Lillo Petrolo together with Giuseppe Colella, director of Schermo Napoli and president of the Coordination of Campania Film Festivals. A Special Mention within the Documentary section went to When we talk about KGB by Maxì Dejoie and Virginja Vareikytè.
The section Location Negata (“Denied Location”) witnessed the triumph of the documentary Coming and Going by Tianlin Xu, that since the first frame opens us the doors of a family home. Though dealing with a “universal” situation, this work also offers us an insight into the Chinese culture. The Jury has assigned an ex-aequo Special Mention for the same section to the following two movies: Il Successore by Mattia Epifani and Kivalina by Gina Abatemarco.
The prize for the Best Short Film was awarded to Milky Brother by Vahram Mkhitaryan – boasting an incredible capacity to tell a story from a child’s point of view, a rare sensitivity for images and a fluid and natural narration, even in a compelling context such as that of a short film. The International Jury has also given a Special Mention to Patriot by Eva Riley and Respiro by Andrea Brusa and Marco Scotuzzi.
During the awarding ceremony evening, Art Director Michelangelo Messina and the Councillor for Tourism of the Region Campania, Corrado Matera, for the first time on the Island in his capacity of institutional representative, have handed over the Ischia Film Award for Lifetime Achievement – the most important prize of the Festival – to director Margarethe von Trotta as well as to Maestro Pasquale Squitieri, who last year was not able to receive it personally due to a car accident.
After eight days of screenings with 101 movies from allover the world, this edition of the Ischia Film Festival has now come to a close. A big “thank you” to all the guests taking part in the event as well as to all the attending filmmakers, producers and actors. Everyone is invited to celebrate the fifteenth edition between 24th June and 1st July 2017.


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