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Seventh night of XIV Edition Ischia Film Festival

Posted in Festival history - Fourteenth edition 2016

The last appointment at the Aragonese Castle, before the awards ceremony.


36 Settima serata alliff

[Ischia, 2 July 2016] The Festival welcomed the month of July in the best way: special guests, beautiful screenings, and a dream location.

The most anticipated film was “Festina Lente”, for its connection between history and cinema, places and remembrance. Among the guests of the seventh night of the Festival there were the film-maker Lucilla Colonna, and the actress Francesca Ceci; they said: “A beautiful Festival in a wonderful location. We’re happy and excited to present our work here. A place that evokes big suggestions and is the natural setting of “Festina Lente”. 

Antonio Losito, the film-maker of  “Il sarto dei tedeschi”, also declared: “it is a great joy to take part in this Festival, in such a beautiful location, unique in the world.”

So many the fans of Marco Palvetti, the juror of this Edition 2016. He said: ” I’m so happy and honored to be a juror, and to take part in these beautiful nights of Cinema. The Ischia Film Festival is a beautiful event. The documentaries that have been selected impressed me in a positive way. Thanks to the Director Messina and all the Staff.”

The seventh night was full of events.

Really interesting “La transumanza in Basilicata”; the production manager Francesco De Noia came to the event. A great partnership between the Ischia Film Festival and the  Basilicata Film Commission.

Also Baby Ruth, the film maker of “As one” came to the event. The Film speaks about an endless war in a shattered city, focused around the vicissitudes of a woman.

For “Ustica”, was there the great director Renzo Martinelli: “ an issue which never ceases to be very tragic and relevant.”

“La Città dei sogni” and “Kivalina” of Gina Abatemarco were applauded as well.

The Director Michelangelo Messina said : “After the greetings and the acknowledgements, I have to say that I’m very happy that the word ‘Cine-tourism’, coined here long time ago, is becoming a reality that fascinates many people working in this sector, and also the public. I want to say goodbye to you with a sentence that summarises my idea about the kermesse: We’re not about the Global, we’re about the Local.”

The Commission of jurors, after a long night of work, has decreed the winners of the different Categories. The names will be revealed tonight.

See you tonight for the final verdict!

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