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Ischia Film Festival: From Film Tourism To Intercultural Exchange

Posted in Festival history - Fourteenth edition 2016

33 Conclusa la quarta giornata

[Ischia, 29 June 2016] An entertainening and profound evening was had at the Castello Aragonese di Ischia. After a successful Conference on film tourism with the hon. Undersecretary of the ministry, Cesaro, many guests were on hand to create a particular atmosphere for the fourth day of the Ischia Film Festival.

Reknown actors Silvio Orlando and Nando Paone were on site along with director Massimo Gaudioso to present Un paese quasi perfetto, a film that was made possible with the help from the Film Commission della Basilicata, a must see! "It was a beautiful experience filming this film" said Paone, " it was really unique as all the inhabitants participated, which was exceptional, not only in a work-related way but in a human way. It made me realise that good things can happen, I don't want to sound banal but we often forget that positive things do exist and happen". Gaudioso added that "It is with great pleasure and honour that we presnt this work here at this festival; this film is very important to me. Even if it's a comedy, serious and drammatic themes are explored. I generally don't like to repeat myself in my work, for example, right now I'm working on a Western series".

Silvio Orlando: "It's a great pleasure to be here in Ischia presenting this film, which is very dear to me because a special relationship was created with the whole cast that went beyond the set. It is also a great honour to accept this prize tonight, I don't know if this festival is the most important one but it is definitely the most beautiful, thank you".
Presenting Foreign Body, actress Janine Elkin: "This film is really special, I interpreted a mother who must deal with so many issues and has a real need to love. It is a film about love and solitude".

Director Antonio La Camera was here to present Carne E Polvere, the story of a farmer deal with the unpredictability of nature, the main character was inspired by his father. Giovanni Rossi is here with his first film, Cigno, a documentary about fishermen in the Marche, were his wife is from and where he had the chance to discover through all seasons how these men work at sea.

The much anticipated film Gli Ultimi Saranno Ultimi by Massimiliano Bruno was shown, with a star studded cast: Paola Cortellesi, Alessandro Gassmann, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, to name a few. The film telles the story of a group of friends affected by the financial and economic crisis but also a moral one and the denial of it.

Festival director Michelangelo Messina ended the evening with many salutations to the guests, noting how rich the evening was in interesting, artistic but down to earth, dialogues.

More to come on the fifth day, Homeland via the Tribeca Film Festival, "WAX” il self(ie)-film as well as Bella e Perduta, a visionary film about present-day Italy.

Lillo Petrolo (actor), Roberto Moliterni (director), Lorenzo Corvino (director), Jacopo Maria Bicocchi (actor), Gwendolyn Gouvernec (actress), Davide Paganini (actor), Sergio Vitolo (actor), Min Bahadur Bham (director), Davide Minnella (director) e Michelangelo Fano (producer) will all be there to present their work.

Wednesday 29 june 2016

• 19:30 Film Cocktail for professionals in the Castello Aragonese
• 21:00 Film screenings at Castello Aragonese di Ischia:

Cattedrale dell’Assunta
• 21:00 "Parliamo di cinema" with Lillo Petrolo
• 21:20 Centosanti by Roberto Moliterni
• 21:40 “Parliamo di Cinema” with Lorenzo Corvino, Jacopo Maria Bicocchi, Gwendolyn Gouvernec, Davide Paganini
• 22:00 Wax-we are the x by Lorenzo Corvino

Piazzale delle Armi
• 21:00 "Parliamo di cinema" with Sergio Vitolo
• 21:10 Bella E Perduta by Pietro Marcello
• 22:30 Kalo Pothi by Min Bahadur Bham

Terrazza degli Ulivi
• 21:00 Homeland by Sara Broos
• 21:15 Pink Spring In The Kremlin by Mario de la Torre
• 21:35 Il Potere Dell'Oro Rosso by Davide Minnella
• 22:00 Il Successore by Mattia Epifani

Casa del Sole
• 21:00 Patriot by Eva Riley
• 21:15 Carry On by Rafael Haider
• 21:40 Where The Grass Grows Highest by Philip Hallay
• 22:30 A Quest For Meaning by Nathanaël Coste and Marc De la Ménardière

San Pietro a Pantaniello
• 21:00 Ogni Opera Di Confessione by Alberto Gemmi and Mirco Marmiroli
• 22:00 L'Orto Degli Dei by Giuseppe Calabrese
• 23:00 Milongueros by Bernard Louargant

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