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Third Evening Of The 14th Edition Of The Ischia Film Festival

Posted in Festival history - Fourteenth edition 2016

30 La terza giornata

[Ischia, June 28, 2016] The third evening of June 27, 2016 was full of guests and screenings: the 14th edition of the Ischia Film Festival at the Castello Aragonese, the international film festival about location, continues, with greater intensity, to gather support among guests present and more and more people.
A special evening, with the presence of some of the industry's highest institutions, such as the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, the Hon. Antimo Cesaro and the Councillor for Tourism of the Region Basilicata, Luca Braia.
"It 's always an honor to welcome institutions of this caliber to the Festival" - said Michelangelo Messina - "and I'm happy to welcome the friends of Basilicata with which we are sure to continue to build important synergies for our territories. At the same time, though, I have a heavy heart after the news that the great Bud Spencer passed away. I had the honor and pleasure of working with him for the television series 'The Cook crimes', shot entirely on Ischia: a person of extraordinary humanity, he allowed himself to be photographed and gave autographs despite his age and his knee problems . He stayed in Ischia for three months to film the whole series and fell in love with the island. Farewell, gentle giant. "
Many important guests on the third evening, greeted with much enthusiasm by the public and by the press: the Indian Anshul Sinha, engaged filmmaker ; Jorg Bunschuh who presented the intense film "The Fencer"; the Italian Eduardo Cocciardo extremely pleased to have brought the second part of his trilogy to the Ischia Film Festival.
The time dedicated to the partnership with Basilicata was also of great interest.

Paride Leporace, head of the Lucana Film Commission, said: "We started in Ischia many years ago; we return to this beautiful island to emphasize how important collaboration between regions is. It's wonderful to see regions of Southern Italy help each other, with such dedication and quality, combining the best of their traditions."
The Councillor for Tourism of the Basilicata Region, Luca Braia, added: "Cinema and territory must walk hand in hand as a vehicle for promoting tourism and more. Ischia is a point of union between different yet complimentary realities and, therefore, these realities come together in a spirit of complete union. "
Also present, a substantial delegation of Gal Bradanica with its President Leonardo Braico, that for some years, in collaboration with the Ischia festival, have organised the "Movie Tourism Experience" directed by Giuseppe Lalinga in Basilicata.
Then the anticipation of what will be shown at the conference on Cinetourism today. Anna Olivucci, responsible for the Marche Film Commission - Marche Culture Foundation: "We have created an interregional route of Film tourism itineraries that depart from Matera and go to the inside of the Basilicata region to give voice to all areas of the circuit. Thanks to the work of Michelangelo Messina we are creating a combined product, organic and of quality. "

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