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Second Evening of the 14th Edition of the Ischia Film Festival

Posted in Festival history - Fourteenth edition 2016

28 Conclusa la seconda giornata dell IFF

[Ischia, June 27, 2016] The second day of the Ischia Film Festival brings us more one on one talks with filmmmakers, debates and exclusive projections and concludes with a focus on the Ukraine(with Andriy Khalpakhchi, artistic director of the Molodist festival) and with european cinema at its greatest (with Margarethe von Trotta, president of the Jury).

Festival director, Michelangelo Messina, opens cocktail-time introducing the personalities of the evening and noting on the importance of international collaborations for brighter horizons.

Margarethe von Trotta was on place, "the Ischia Film Festival is really an important and prestigious event" she said, adding "it allows long time professionals to come in contact with other directors and screenwriters and to discover new locations of great interest, I'm honoured to be the Jury president". She will also be awarded a prize for her career.

Andriy Khalpakhchi, here to present Chernobyl, spoke to the audience enthusiastically: "I'm proud to represent the Ukraine and the Molodist Film Festival here in Ischia, which really is a fantastic festival organised by my friend Michelangelo and I hope this event will bring on fruitful collaborations between our two countries".

A smiling and magnificient Flonja Kodheli, the "madrina" of the edition, declared that it is with great joy that she has taken on the role of the "godmother" for this exceptional festival, adding that "the Ischia Film Festival is ever so succesful, year after year, because it aims at presenting quality films and focuses on the unique theme of film tourism in such a spectacular location".

Emergent Italian filmmakers Andrea Brusa and Marco Scotuzzi, were here to present Respiro, a film dedicated to the struggle of immigrants trying to cross broders. Another Italian, Napolitan director Tony D'angelo, having just completed filming Falchi, a film about policemen on motorbikes, was also here as a guest of the festival.

Filmmaker Nour Gharbi presented his latest work Mokusatsu, a compelling and delicate hommage to classic Japanese cinema.

The beautiful Ukrainian actress, Dolya Gavanski, was here to promote her new film Golos: Ukrainian Voices, an interesting and particular work.

Milky Brother's Varham Mkhitaryan, was also on hand and declared that "it is a great privilege to be able to be here in such a majestic castle and island, in beautiful Italy, to promote my latest work".

Federico Di Cicilia, here with Irpinia, Mon Amour commented on the value of location and how it can transcend a message for the safeguading of natural heritage and its peoples, just as in his film.

Film critic Valerio Caprara didn't fail to impress the guests present with his meticulous knowledge of film history.

Alas, the festival is only on its first few days, the third day will see a host of works, italian premieres, discussions and an hommage to non other than Shakespeare. Also on the program is South 32, a pertinent film about bullying.

Luca La Volpa, director of photography for Il Suo Nome, will be present for the Parliamo Di Cinema section, as well as producer Adrian Wootton with All The World's A Screen: Shakespeare On Film, Jorg Bundschuh, co-producer of the Golden Globe nominated The Fencer, director Anshul Sinha with Gateway To Heaven, Pierfrancesco Li Donni with Loro Di Napoli, director Eduardo Cocciardo and actro Antonello Pascale with La Mezzanotte Russa and Alessandro Negrini, director of Tides - A History Of Lives And Dreams Lost And Found.

More on the festival on social media using the hashtag #ischiafilmfestival2016


Lunedì 27 Giugno

• Ore 19:30 Film Cocktail incontro riservato agli accreditati professionali presso il Castello Aragonese

• Dalle ore 21:00 Proiezione delle Opere in Selezione nelle seguenti aree del Castello Aragonese di Ischia:

Cattedrale dell’Assunta

• Ore 21:00 Il suo nome* di Pedro Lino

• Ore 21:30 Road to the Skydi Yi Wang

• Ore 22:30 Baobabs between Land and Sea di Cyrille Cornu

Piazzale delle Armi

• Ore 21:00 “Parliamo di Cinema” con Roberto Andò

• Ore 21:15 Le confessioni di Roberto Andò

• Ore 22:55 The Fencer * di Klaus Haro

Terrazza degli Ulivi

• Ore 21:00 South 32 di Jake Barsha

• Ore 22:30 Gateway to Heaven* di Anshul Sinha

Casa del Sole

• Ore 21:00 Letter to God di Maria Ibrahimova

• Ore 21:20 All the World's a screen on Film * di David Thompson

• Ore 22:20 Loro di Napoli * di Pierfrancesco Li Donni

San Pietro a Pantaniello

• Ore 21:00 La Mezzanotte Rossa * di  Eduardo Cocciardo

• Ore 21:30 Yaadikoone di Marc Picavez

• Ore 22:00Tides - A History of Lives and Dreams Lost and Found * di A.Negrini

• Ore 22:40 Smajl di Philipp Maje

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