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Inauguration of the 14th Edition of the Ischia Film Festival: June 25th-July 2nd 2016

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27 - Inaugurata la XIV ed IFF

[Ischia, 26 June 2016] Saturday, June 25th 2016, a splendid evening at the Castello Aragonese di Ischia for the Ischia Film Festival, the international film fair for cinema and tourism. Many screenings are planned and important guests are expected.

"I'm always very excited to inaugurate the festival and to welcome all our guests that come from all over the world, honouring the project with a touch of quality" - declared Michelangelo Messina, the festival director, adding - "I invite you all to follow the program closely through our website and social media which are constantly being updated".

Among the many guests present was actress, director and screenwriter Valentina Carnelutti for the screening of Arianna. "I play one of the central characters, Arianna's mother. It was an intense experience as feelings and emotions were crucial to the plot of the story" affirmed Valentina, she noted that among other things, the prize winning short film ReCuiem, delicate and introspective such as the voice of Francesco Tricarico, who acts and creates the music in the film.

Among the many faces present, Christian Marazziti was also on site to present one of the most awaited films of the first day of the festival, E-Bola. "I'm thrilled to present this film and to pay hommage to all the people that collaborated during the fiming, at all levels, and to all the volunteers. E-Bola is inspired by real events that cannot be forgotten. We worked closely with a team of researchers to make the film as realistic as possible, the bravery of the actors did all the rest" said Marazziti.

The Heritage Of Love was among the Italian premieres. A smiling Karina Goglya told us:"I'm very happy this film is being presented for the italian market in a location as enchanting as this one" speaking of the Castello Aragonese.

The members of the international jury Margarethe Von Trotta, Catherine Dussart, Anjorka Strechel were also on site, posing for the many cameras and giving interviews, as well as Italian actor Peppino Mazzotta, known for his role in the series Il Commissario Montalbano and for his participation in Cado Dalle Nubi by Checco Zalone.

Today the festival presents a selection of feature films, shorts and documentaries, discussions with writers and directors, a focus on the Ukraine and a trip through Irpinia.

With the documentary film Respiro, the very current and important theme of immigration is explored. Meticulous and careful editing along with poignant dialogues, the film narrates the story of a young woman in Italy, who comes accross many misfortunes.

The section "Parliamo Di Cinema" included discussions and interviews with Vahram Mkhitaryan (director, Milky Brother), Margarethe von Trotta (director and jury member), Andrea Busa and Marco Scotuzzi (directors and here to present Respiro), Federico Di Cicilia (director, Irpinia, Mon Amour), Andriy Khalpakhchi (member of the Molovist Film Festival) and Nour Gharbi (director and executive producer, Makusatsu).

Rebecca Miller's newest film Maggie's Plan will have its Italian premiere at the festival. Daughter of famous playwright Arthur Miller, she is both screenwriter and director.

In order to access the festival guests are kindly required to have a pass, weekly or daily, that can be obtained at the infopoint desk at Piazzale Aragonese.



Domenica 26 Giugno

• Ore 19:30 Film Cocktail incontro riservato agli accreditati professionali presso il Castello Aragonese

Dalle ore 21:00 Proiezione delle Opere in Selezione nelle seguenti aree del Castello Aragonese di Ischia:

Cattedrale dell’Assunta

• Ore 21:00 Milky Brother* di Vahram Mkhitaryan

• Ore 21:30 “Parliamo di Cinema” con Margarethe von Trotta

•Ore 21:40 Hanna Arendt di Margarethe von Trotta

Piazzale delle Armi

• Ore 21:00 Maggie's plan di Rebecca Miller

• Ore 22:50 Rams - Storia di due fratelli e otto pecore di Grímur Hákonarson

Terrazza degli Ulivi

• Ore 21:00 Respiro* di Andrea Brusa e Marco Scotuzzi

• Ore 21:10 Irpinia, mon amour* di Federico Di Cicilia

• Ore 22:30 Golos: Ukrainian Voices * di Fedor Levchenko e Dolya Gavanski

Casa del Sole

• Ore 21:00 Butterflies di Adnan Zandi

• Ore 21:05 Chernobyl * di Oleg Karnasiuk

• Ore 21:50 Non voltarti indietro di Francesco Del Grosso

San Pietro a Pantaniello

• Ore 21:00 The Learning Alliance di Muhammad Umar Saeed

• Ore 21:10 Mokusatsu* di Nour Gharbi

• Ore 21:25 My Home موطني di Igal Hecht

• Ore 22:15 Istorii Kato na Kino di Atanas Hristoskov



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