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Welcome to the 14th edition of Ischia Film Festival

Posted in Festival history - Fourteenth edition 2016

24 - Al VIA la XIV edizione dellIschia Film FestivalThe long-awaited Film Festival that will transform the suggestive Aragonese Castle in a “cinema town”, will start on Saturday, June 25. It will be a big night with distinguished guests and a lot of “cinema quality”.

The Ischia Film Festival, which is now into its 14th edition, proposes 8 days of big events, screenings, cinema meetings and conferences. The most important conference dedicated to Cinema-tourism , will be helding on 28 June, and it will be focused on the locations, the central issue of this pageant.

The screenings will be held inside five wonderful historic places of the Aragonese Castle.

Actors, film-makers and directors will be the protagonists of this Festival; they play an active part in the “cinema meetings”.

Among the guests there will be the great german film-maker Margarethe von Trotta, the actresses Flonja Kodheli, Gwendolyn Gourvenec, Anjorka Strechel, Janina Elkin, Valentina Carnelutti, the actors Marco Palvetti, Lillo Petrolo, Sergio Vitolo, Jacopo Maria Bicocchi, Davide Paganini; the film-makers Massimiliano Bruno, Lorenzo Corvino, Massimo Gaudioso and also many foreign film-makers like the award-winning  Ben Sharrock.

Many previews, national and international documentaries will be screened during the Festival; some of them will be presented and illustrated by  the protagonists.

The Festival will also put the spotlight on Nord Europe, Ukraine and Basilicata.

There are two ways to follow the Festival. For the ones that are in Ischia there’s the chance to buy a daily pass or a week pass at the infopoint, located in the Aragonese Square.

For those who are not on the island, it’s possible to live the atmosphere of the Festival through the Web, logging on to the Festival’s social media.

Welcome to Ischia Film Festival 2016!

Saturday, June 25   

•19:00 Welcome drink for the 14th edition of Ischia Film Festival, at the Terrace of Aragonese Castle.

•20:30 Opening of the photo exhbition “Il primo Visconti – Ossessione e La terra trema, i set cinematografici” by Antonio Maraldi.

From 9 pm Screening of the Works of the Official Selection in the different areas of the Aragonese Castle:

Cathedral of Assumption

•21:00 “Parliamo di Cinema” with Anton Giulio Mancino

•21:15 La terra trema  by Luchino Visconti

Square of Weapons

•21:00 “Parliamo di Cinema” with Karina Guglya

•21:10 The Heritage of Love  by Yuriy Vassiliev

•22:40 “Parliamo di Cinema” with Valentina Carnelutti

•22:50 Recuiem

•Ore 23:00  Arianna di Carlo Lavagna

Olives Terrace

•21:00 The Fisherman by Alejandro Suárez Lozano

•21:20 Oro blu - Conversazione del mare by Andrea Ferrante and Marco Gernone

•22:00 The Cemetery men by Ali Mardomi

•22:30 E-bola* by Christian Marazziti

House of the Sun

•21:00 Copper wire by Hasan Najmabadi 

•21:10 Die Zeitzeugen - Warum wir erzählen…* by Hermann Weiskopf 

•21:30 Golos: Ukrainian Voices *by Fedor Levchenko and Dolya Gavanski    

•22:40 When We Talk About Kgb by Maxì Dejoie, Virginja Vareikytè

San Pietro a Pantaniello

•21:00 Il Miracolo by different film-makers

•21:15 The Barn by Hazal Kara

•21:30 Az elveszett euròpai* by Jozsef Sipos

•22:00 Wish to Wash with Rain by Gülten Taranç


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