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"Festina Lente", Vittoria Colonna comes back to Aragonese Castle with Ischia Film Festival 2016

Posted in Festival history - Fourteenth edition 2016

FRANCESCA CECI at Ischia Film Festival 2016 with the movie FESTINA LENTE

21 FRANCESCA CECI allIschia Film Festival 2016 con il film FESTINA LENTE[Ischia, 22th June 2016] On Friday 1st July 2016 at the Assunta's Cathedral (Aragonese Castle), will be screened “Festina Lente”, first feature film of  Lucilla Colonna that describes 50 years of Italian Renaissance through Vittoria Colonna's eyes.
The beautiful and talented actress Francesca Ceci (main character of the film) will be hosted at the Ischia Film Festival.
It will be a special night, especially about the locations. At the Assunta's Cathedral faraway in the past, 27th December 1509, Vittoria Colonna married Ferrante D'avalos and in the Castle's rooms, it hosted exponents of his cultural circle. Thanks to this strong historical bond, Ischia's Municipality is twined with other municipalities of Marino and Vasto. 

"To present the movie 'Festina Lente' will be our host the main character- said the Artistic Director Michelangelo Messina- "Francesca Ceci is a young, beautiful and promising italian actress; We are glad that her could participate to XIV Festival Edition and present a work that is bond to Isle of Ischia and Aragonese Castle.

Shot curricular notes of Francesca Ceci:

 2016 - “Festina Lente” (“Affrettati Lentamente”)
 2012 - “Si può fare l'Amore Vestiti?”
 2011 - “Napoletans”
 2008 - “Mi Sono… Persa”, short film

Direction: Lucilla Colonna; production year: 2016; duration: 103'
Type: feature film;genre: historical; country: Italy;
Original title: Festina Lente (Affrettati Lentamente)
Synopsis: The first feature film of Lucilla Colonna describes 50 years of Italian Renaissance through Vittoria Colonna's eyes (1490-1547). When Vittoria was a child, Pope Alessandro VI Borgia confiscated all that have her family, but her opposed relationship between her and papal court was  destined to continue and appear with Pope Clemente VII Medici e Pope Paolo III Farnese too. Niece of duke Federico From Montefeltro, at the age of 19 married Francesco Ferrante D’Avalos, descendent of a spanish family , that died too soon fightining with Carlo V and Holy Roman Empire. Woman of great perception and culture, conserved in his big library,  books published from the first important publisher , Aldo Manuzio, called “Festina lente”. She knew and exchanged correspondence with important Renaissance personality : Ludovico Ariosto, Pietro Aretino, many ruling,  cardinal Reginald Pole e friar Bernardino Ochino, who was obligated to escape in Switzerland. She put in discussion her traditional role reserved to women, appeared to obtain big respect from chauvinist society of his age. She became friend and confident of Michelangelo Buonarroti, that dedicate to her some of the most moving sonnets, in which he wrote : "A man in a woman, actually a god, through her mouth that speaks".

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