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Special Events at Ischia Film Festival 2016

Posted in Festival history - Fourteenth edition 2016

Focus North Europe
End of Summer (Iceland – Denmark, 2015) by Johann Johannsson15 Proiezioni speciali 2016
The Fencer (Finland – Estonia – Germany, 2015) by Klaus Haro
Homeland (Sweden, 2015) by Sara Broos
Rams (Iceland, 2015) by Grìmur Hàkonarson

Focus Ukraine
Chernobyl: zone of the future (Ukraine ,2016) by Oleg Karnasiuk
Povodyr (Ukraine, 2014) by Oles Sanin
Zhyva Vatra (Ukraine, 2015) by Ostap Kostyuk

Focus Basilicata
Un paese quasi perfetto (Italy, 2016) by Massimo Gaudioso
Papaveri e papere (Italy, 2016) by Adelaide Dante De Fino
L'utile meraviglia. Gli orti saraceni di Tricarico (Italy, 2016) by Prospero Bentivenga

Arianna (Italy, 2015) by Carlo Lavagna
All Confession oeuvre (Italy, France, 2016) by Roberto Andò
The Heritage of Love (Russia, 2016) by Yuriy Vassiliev
Ixcanul - Vulcano (France, Guatemala, 2015) by Jayro Bustamante
Maggie's Plan (France, 2015) by Rebecca Miller
Oggi insieme domani anche (Italy, 2016) by Antonietta De Lillo
Gli ultimi saranno ultimi (Italy, 2015) by Massimiliano Bruno
Ustica (Italy, 2016) by Renzo Martinelli
Wax - We are the X (Italy, 2016) by Lorenzo Corvino

Proiezioni Speciali
La terra trema (Italy, 1948) by Luchino Visconti
Hannah Arendt (Germany, 2012) by Margarethe von Trotta

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