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Out of competition works at Ischia Film Festival 2016

Posted in Festival history - Fourteenth edition 2016

OUT OF COMPETITION section - Future films
As One (Philippines,2015) by Chuck Gutierrez14 Opere fuori concorso 2016
The descendants (Iran, 2015) by Yaser Talebi
E-Bola (United Kingdom,2015) by Christian Marazziti
Festina lente (Affrettati lentamente) (Italy,2016) by Lucilla Colonna
The great conspiracy! (Switzerland, 2015) by Alberto Meroni
Krasny (Russia, 2015) by Nikolay Sarkisov
South 32 (United States, 2016) by Jake Barsha
Wish to Wash with Rain (Turkey, 2016) by Gülten Taranç

OUT OF COMPETITION section - Documentaries
All confession oeuvre (Italy, 2015) by Alberto Gemmi and Mirco Marmiroli
All the World's a screen: Shakespeare on film (United Kingdom, 2016) by David Thompson
Bitte Leben (Germany - Italy, 2016) by Marco Candiago and Silvia Ciprian
Cigno (Italy, 2015) by Giovanni Rossi
Dert (Italy, 2015) by Mario Martone
Golos: Ukrainian Voices (United Kingdom, 2015) by Fedor Levchenko and Dolya Gavanski
Istorii kato na kino (Bulgaria, 2016) by Atanas Hristoskov
Lands for Freedom (Belgium, 2015) by Paul-Jean Vranken and Jean-Christophe Lamy
The Learning Alliance (Pakistan, 2016) by Muhammad Umar Saeed
The lost european (Hungary, 2015) by Jozsef Sipos
Milongueros (France - Argentine, 2016) by Bernard Louargant
My Home موطني (Canada, 2016) by Igal Hecht
L'Orto degli Dei (Italy, 2015) by Giuseppe Calabrese
El respeto (Argentine, 2016) by Norma Fernàndez
Silo un camino espiritual (Chile, 2015) by Pablo Lavin
Smajl (Germania, 2015) di Philipp Majer
Tides - A History of Lives and Dreams Lost and Found (Some broken) (United Kingdom,2016 ) by A. Negrini
La terra di fronte (Italy, 2015) by Fabrizio Lecce
La transumanza in Basilicata: una storia vera (Italy, 2016) by Mario Raele
Yazidi d’Armenia (Italy,2015 ) by Ignazio Mascia
Die Zeitzeugen - Warum wir erzählen… (Austria, 2015) by Hermann Weiskopf

OUT OF COMPETITION section - Short Films
The Barn (Germany – Turkey, 2016) by Hazal Kara
Butterflies (Iran,2015) by Adnan Zandi
Carry on (Austria, 2015) by Rafael Haider
Carvina (Switzerland, 2015) by Luca Marcionelli
Cenere (Italy, 2016) by Gianni Saponara
Mare d'argento (Italy, 2016) by Carlos Solito
La Mezzanotte Rossa (Italy, 2015) by Eduardo Cocciardo
Il Miracolo (Italy, 2015) by different authors
Mokusatsu (Italy - France, 2015) by Nour Gharbi
Il sarto dei tedeschi (Italy, 2015) by Antonio Losito
Yaadikoone (France, 2015) by Marc Picavez

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