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In competition work at Ischia Film Festival 2016

Posted in Festival history - Fourteenth edition 2016

13 Opere in concorso 2016 IN COMPETITION Section - Feature film
Bella e perduta (Italy, 2015) by Pietro Marcello
Foreign Body (Germany, 2015) by Christian Werner
Gateway to heaven (India, 2015) by Anshul Sinha
The Head Hunter (India, 2015) by Nilanjan Datta
Kalo pothi (Nepal, Germany, Switzerland and France, 2015) by Min Bahadur Bham
Pikadero (Spain , United Kingdom, 2015) by Ben Sharrock
Road to the Sky (China, 2015) by Yi Wang

IN COMPETITION Section - Documentary
Irpinia, mon amour (Italy, 2016) by Federico Di Cicilia
Killa Dizez (Italy, 2015) by Nico Piro
Loro di Napoli (Italy, 2015) by Pierfrancesco Li Donni
Menino 23: Infâncias Perdidas no Brasil (Brasile, 2015) by Belisario Franca
Never look back (Italy, 2016) by Francesco Del Grosso
A Quest for Meaning (France, 2015) by Nathanaël Coste and Marc De la Ménardière
Sira dysy ynsanlar (Turkey, 2015) by Orhan Tekeoglu
When We Talk About Kgb (Italy, 2016) by Maxì Dejoie and Virginja Vareikytè
Where the grass grows highest (Germany, 2016) by Philip Hallay
Women are the answer (Australia, 2015) by Fiona Cochrane

IN COMPETITION Section - Short film
Flesh and Dust (Italy, 2015) by Antonio La Camera
The Cemetery Men (Iran, 2015) by Ali Mardomi
Onehundredsaints (Italy, 2016) by Roberto Moliterni
City of Dreams (United States, 2015) by Paola Bernardini
Copper wire (Iran, 2016) by Hasan Najmabadi
Exit right (Austria, 2015) by Rupert Höller and Bernhard Wenger
The Fisherman (Spain, 2014) by Alejandro Suárez Lozano
A future dream (Italy, 2015) by Andrea Vardi
Letter to God (United States, 2015) by Maria Ibrahimova
Milky Brother (Poland, Armenia ,2014 ) by Vahram Mkhitaryan
Papaveri e papere (Italy, 2016) by Adelaide Dante De Fino
Patriot (United Kingdom ,2015) by Eva Riley
Il potere dell'oro rosso (Italy,2015) by Davide Minnella
Breath (Italy, 2016) by Andrea Brusa and Marco Scotuzzi
Her name (Italy, 2015) by Pedro Lino

IN COMPETITION Section – Location Denied
74 (Iran, 2015) by Sattar Chamani Gol
Baobabs between Land and Sea (France, 2015) by Cyrille Cornu
Coming and going (Germany, 2015) by Tianlin Xu
Kivalina (United States, 2016) by Gina Abatemarco
Lampedusa in winter (Austria - Italy, 2015) by Jakob Brossmann
Blue Gold - Conversation from the sea (Italy, 2015) by Andrea Ferrante and Marco Gernone
Pink spring in the Kremlin (Spain, 2015) by Mario de la Torre
The Successor (Italy, 2015) by Mattia Epifani

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