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Rome - Cinema City

Posted in Festival history - Third edition 2005

“Rome – Cinema City”, a photography exhibition sponsored by the Experimental Cinematography Center/ National Film Library in cooperation with the Lazio Film Commission, perfectly integrates with the spirit of the third Ischia Film Festival edition scheduled for June 20 to 25, 2005.



Even this year, the festival awards prizes to cinematographic productions most capable of exalting and promoting locations of artistic and cultural value, both in Italy and abroad. In this context, the exhibition, organized by the National Film Library photography archive, presents a journey among 50 scene and scene-set photos taken from films shot in Rome and in towns across the Lazio region. The exhibition is hosted in the majestic Guevara Tower in Ischia.

Calcata’s foreshortenings are the background of the protagonists’ goliardic raids in Amici Miei; Fregene Beach offers to Fellini the ideal atmosphere where to show the melancholic disillusion of Marcello Mastroianni in La Dolce vita; sexy Sophia Loren stirs the soul of the young seminarist with the complicity of the baroque feel of Piazza Navona, yesterday, today and tomorrow. These are only some of the intriguing images of an itinerary that through the camera lens exalt the evocative power of these landscapes not always properly valued.

Scene photography, thus, reveals a multi-faceted artistic product: from the one hand it is capable of satisfying the needs of filmgoers by stopping the flow of images and providing precious details of the movie-making process, on the other hand it supports the visibility of natural and cultural heritage contributing, simultaneously, to promoting tourism. The images displayed are all part of the photography archive of the C.S.C.’ National Film Library, which, for years has been committed to the conservation, cataloguing and distribution of scene and scene set photographs.

The exhibition is hosted in the fifteenth century tower of the Duke Bovinos, also known as Guevara Tower, overlooking the spectacular bay of Cartaromana.

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