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Goodbye Sir Ken Adam

Posted in Festival history - Fourteenth edition 2016

Michelangelo Messina's touching goodbye to the Ischia Film Festival honorary president, quietly passed away in London, yesterday on the tenth of March 2016 

Ken Adam PP[Ischia, the 11 of March 2016] He passed away in his sleep, maybe dreaming of one of his futuristic representations that made him the most visionary of all the seventh art set designers. He loved dreaming, imagine and realize his dreams such as run away as a Jewesh from Germany that didn't let express himself and his talent. Those dreams that gave us masterpieces like the war room, realized for his friend Stanley Kubrick. A masterwork so real that Ronald Reagan, when became president, asked to see it, then discovered it didn't exist, because it was only invented by the brillant Ken Adam. The genius that made us imagine futuristic sets in James Bond saga like “Moonraker”.

He started to draw his prototypes in 1952 when he was the set designer assistant in "The Crimson Pirate" and realized very in vanguard machinary.

KenAdam2In Ischia he found love and his inspiration, his wife Letizia; an extraordinary woman always by his side, even when he had to do inspections to transform, what everyone else saw as simple rooms, into futuristic sets. He loved his job, always ready to improve himself. During one of my visits to London, in his house, he was realizing, at the age of 88, a prototype for a Sony videogame.

German by birth but with an acquired english status, he loved his cigar, his Scotch (exactly J&B with ice), and his morning swim. The Accademy honored him with two oscars, for "Barry Lyndon" and "The Madness of King George", but he deserved more and more. Especially because he dared to change the entire set design vision.

KenAdamDuring these Festival's years, many personages accepted to come to my event, just to meet him, and many directors admitted that they started to do this job beacuse of his works. A man with extraordinary humility, gladly accepted to be my first international guest, to take part in my project, I had the fortune to start the Ischia Film Festival with a great personality. His constant presence at the festival till the age of 90, assured the presence of many historical figures of the cinema. I knew that his Honorary Presidence would have given to Ischia Film Festival a great prestige. 

Thanks to Sir Ken Adam beacause you gave me the chance to make my dream come true.

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