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Peppone & Don Camillo

Posted in Festival history - Second edition 2004


Remembering don Camillo and Peppone: Playbills pictures and objects

Once upon a time there was a town called Brescello. […] The priest Don Camillo and the mayor Peppone, always different but always the same, were the proud leaders of the two opposing factions. Brescello, if it is considered from the Right point of view, is the town of Don Camillo, while if it is considered from the Left one, Brescello is the town of Peppone. Seen from above Brescello is town where the competitors fight strongly, but they do not become enemies and the voice of the conscience always has the last word (from the film Compagno don Camillo). Thanks to the Pro loco of the Commune of Brescello, in occasion of the Ischia Festival an exhibition was organized and it showed playbills, pictures, film posters and some of the objects that recall the Brescello’s cinematographic past and they contribute to keep alive the memory of the characters created by the pen of Guareschi.

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video_playsxTutte le mostre

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