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Passion by Philippe Antonello

Posted in Festival history - Second edition 2004


Exhibition "Passion" Photographic Backstage by Philippe Antonello about the film by Mel Gibson

Antonello, winner of several photographic awards and author of the pictures of books by directors such as Zeffirelli, Olmi, Salvatores and Soldini, was the stage photographer of “The Passion of the Christ” so he could create this artistic backstage partly set in the charming scenery of the Matera’s stones. Philippe Antonello affirmed: “my photographic experience on Passion”

All the pictures presented at the  exhibition during the Ischia Film festival were taken in Matera and in Cinecittà. Everyone of them represents the Crucifixion and the Way of the Cross. These pictures are different from the stage ones, because the framing point of view is mine and not one of the camera. Thanks to Gibson I could carry out a complete work, full of happy, sad, passionate moments thanks to a director who is talented with a great visual sense. One day he saw that I was photographing him and he took a fake nose as a joke, then realizing that it could be a good image he took off the nose and he  raised the face and there it was the perfect shot.

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