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Posted in Festival history - First edition 2003

Whether mimicking reality or entering the realm of imagination, set and costume designers offer their demiurgic skills to the service of fiction that is as probable as it is emotional, often times explaining it and conditioning it. There is no show without curtains, as plain as they may be; there is no vision without invention of places and shapes; there is no art without a sign. Closely bound to their directors, set and costume designers of Italy, creators of dreams, creators from thin air, draw on the white page with hand, heart and mind, affirming a vocation that is fueled by ingenuity and skills and that expresses design values throughout the most varied places and times, in each occasion enriching our gaze. Set designers and costume designers of Italy have always followed the path that made the Italian Cinema great, from generation to generation, always paying attention to the professional and technological changes of their time, since the times of the great masters, born from the sets of Neorealism, up to the young and promising graduates of the National School of Cinema. This exhibition is dedicated to the creators of imaginary worlds and their pencil sketches and to the talent of the artisans who implement them. (In the large picture: sketch depicting the "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" movie set by Giuseppe Tornatore – Set design by Andrea Crisanti)

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