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Ischia Film Festival: the winners of the XIII edition

Posted in Festival history - Thirteenth edition 2015

31.De Angelis Messina

[Ischia, July 5th 2015] Official names of the winners of the XIII edition of the Ischia Film Festival. Best Film for this edition 1000 Rupee Note by Shrihari Sathe, which has fascinated the Jury made by the producer Christoph Thoke, screenwriter Maurizio Braucci and the journalist and cinema critic Maurizio Di Rienzo, for the beauty of the set and of the colours, associated with a touching and sensitive narration. The award Premio Castello Aragonese for the Best Director goes to Edoardo De Angelis with Perez, for the shooting aplomb and accuracy. The Epomeo Award for the Best Cinematography, goes to Branko Cahun for The Bridge at the End of the World by Branko Istvancic, for the beautiful images of Croatia still dealing with the consequences of the war. The Aenaria Award for the Best  Art Direction goes to John of God-The movie by Selé M’Poko brilliant comedy about a director facing the difficulties of a film realization.

During the evening, Enzo Sisti has been awarded with the Foreing Award 2015, a price usually given by the festival to foreign production choosing Italy for their shooting. A well-deserved award, thanks to the Italian executive producer dynamism, during the 2014-2015 period three great productions as Ben-Hur, the last James Bond film and Christ the Lord, have chosen Italy for the shooting, carrying location promotion and a great financial gain. 

31.MPokoNaked, written and directed by Zekeriya Aydoğan is awarded for the Documentary section, thanks to the power of images and of the narration, a timeless story whose protagonist, Aso is an old woman who during her life has been a midwife and then she has became a «dead body washer». A film talking about life as a circle: we born naked and we die naked. A poetic and emotional work, that has impressed the Jury, made this year by the directors Marzia Mete and Gianfranco Pannone and by the critic Marco Pistoia. A Special Mention, for the Documetary section, has been given to Waiting for the (T)rain by Simon Panay, portrait of a village in the Burkina Faso desert, where the train goes by twice a week, bringing foods and the only water resources possible during the dry season. Elderly and young telling themselfs between past and future in a touching film.


For the Denied Location section triumphs the Hélène Crouzillat and Laetitia Tura film, Les Messagers, a film about migration, where the border become something terrible, a dreadful obstacle for those trying cross it, a line between who leaves and who stay, between life and death. In the same section a Special Mention goes to the Napolitan La Cella Zero by Salvatore Esposito. The director goes to the Poggioreale prison to find out what happen in the jail giving the name at the film, a place of ? injustices and violence hidden till now, that now comes out thanks to the ex-cons stories and in the testimony of the death of Federico Perna, occurred the 8th November 2013 ?g under suspicious circumstances.. 

The award for the Best Short Film goes to Los Huesos del Frio by Enrique Leal, moving journey through Spain, affected by the Civil War; two brothers and the same hope, get together and go home. The Jury of Fiction section has also awarded with a Special Mention, the short film Pomegranate is the Fruit of Paradise by Teymour Ghaderi, tender friendship story overcoming the gender limits set by the society. Again, for the Short Film section, the Special Award «Anche Cinema» goes to Chaque jour est une petite vie, by Lou-Brice Léonard and Albane Fioretti. . 

During the evening the Artistic Director Michelangelo Messina has given the Ischia Film Award for the lifetime achievement to Pasquale Squitieri, preventend to be in Ischia because of a car accident, has send an emotional video message dedicated to his public of Ischia. His beloved actor, Leopoldo Mastelloni, was present to receive the award. Finally, let us remember that during this edition the festival has given the Ischia Film Award, Director of the Year to Francesco Munzi.

31.MunziThis brings to its conclusion this edition of the Festival, eight day of screenings with film from 39 differents country around the world, 54 national premieres, 2 international world premieres and 2 European premieres. By the jewel in the crown of the Ischia Film Festival number thirteen has been the guests, taking part in five differents locations of the Castel, involving the public with stories, memories and curiosities. A special thanks to all guests taking part at the event, to directors, productors and actors: Francesco Munzi, Pasquale Squitieri, Edoardo De Angelis, Edoardo Leo, Adriano Giannini, Enrico Lo Verso, Lina Sastri, Francesco Paolantoni, Selé M’Poko, Marco Bonini, Lillo Petrolo, Laura Bispuri, Orhan Tekeoglu, Giacomo Rizzo, Leopoldo Mastelloni, Enzo Sisti, Marco Palvetti, Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani, Daniela Virgili, Jan Vardøen, Marco Olivucci and Marco Valerio Pugini,, Duccio Giordano, the P.m. Catello Maresca, Barbara Nava; Antonio Spanò, already awarded during the XII edition of the festival; Lorenzo D’Amelio, Giulio Mastromauro; Jean Seban and  Virgile Novarina, Salvatore Esposito, Viviana Lentini, Simone Pulcini, Gaetano Ippolito, Kirineos Papadimatos and Jiannis Avramopoulos, Gloria Aura Bortolini, Amanda Ekblom Käck, Giuseppe Marco Albano, Lise Bellynck and Frédéric Aspisi, Ezio Maisto, Felipe Pena and Paulo Senise, Eythor Jovinsson, Evguenia Killikh, Gianfranco Pannone, Francesco Mansutti, Vinicio Stefanello; Mark Wiznitzer, Katrin  Ottarsdottir, Annapaula Honig, Vittoria Fiumi and Carlos Solito.

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