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De Angelis, Lo Verso e Giannini briliant (and good looking) at the Ischia Film Festival

Posted in Festival history - Thirteenth edition 2015

11666157 10153465861659479 7956078484817944301 n[Ischia, July 2nd, 2015] The independent international cinema the main character of yesterday evening at Ischia Film Festival. The Indian producer Chandrashekhar Sathe introduced to the Ischia public “1000 Rupie Note”, film directed by his son Shrihari. Sathe, for the first time in Italy, declare himself proud to participate as guest during the festival with a film concerning poverty and degradation of his country. An history that links different realities, claimed Sathe, every country take part in this process and the cinema should be the way to break down the barriers.

In connection the south African screenwriter and director Selé M’poko who realized a film in Congo reconstructing the cultural identity of the territory , working with a south African crew trying to break down communicative and cultural problems.

In Piazza d’Armi before the screening of Le mani sulla città, Adriano Pintaldi, recall his friend and colleague Francesco Rosi, passed away few months ago. Pintaldi tells to the public the meeting be-tween Rosi and Marquez in Cuba, remembering the unique magic moment leading at the Rosi cin-ematic version of the famous Marquez novel “Cronaca di una morte annunciata”.

11695776 10153468524714479 7218634900346211775 nAt the Cattedrale dell’Assunta, Giacomo Rizzo, known especially as main character in Sorrentino film “L’amico di famiglia”, introduced “Quando si muore…si muore” by Carlo Fenizi. The film whose director and cast is mostly made up by young people so Rizzo claim to be hopeful for the Italian cinema future thanks to the passion and skills of the new generation, despite the limited financial resources.

This evening great anticipation for Adriano Giannini, who will meet the public at the Cattedrale dell’Assunta at 9.00 pm for “Parliamo di cinema” linked to the film Tempesta di Ghiaccio, that will screen tomorrow. Furthermore tomorrow is expected also a special “Parliamo di cinema” with Laura Zumiani, in charge for Trentino Film Commission, who will tell the public of Piazza delle Armi La foresta d i ghiacchio production history. The film is completely shot in Trentino in Valli de Chiede, thanks to the Trenitino Film Commision work.

At the same time at Piazzale delle Armi, Enrico Lo Verso, friend and usual guest of the festival, an actor scouted and introduced in the world of cinema by Gianni Amelio, will be there during the Se-bastiano Rizzo film screening Nomi e Cognomi.

Then Gianfranco Pannone introduce his film Sul vulcano, history of three boys near Vesuvio, in a unique location enriched by his history, myth and literary evocations.

At the Cattedrale dell’Assunta at 9.30 pm “Parliamo di cinema” with the director Edoardo De Angelis and the actor Massimiliano Rossi introducing the screening of Perez, De Angelis second work. In the film acclaimed by critic and public, Luca Zingaretti is Demetrio Perez a public defender and dealing with the necessity of break the rules.

At 9.15 pm at the San Pietro a Pantaniello church for Un giorno a Wamba, a documentary set in the African rain forest, introduced by the two directors Francesco Mansutti and Viniscio Stefanello.

Following A Shtetl in the Caribbean directed by Sherman de Jesus, a road-movie documentary trough Curaçao, United states, Belarus, Ukraine and Israel.

At the same time but in the Ulivi Terrace “Parliamo di cinema” with Katrin Ottarsdottir and Hugin Eide for Ludo, first feature film for Faroe Islands from 1999.

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