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Exhibition by Oscar Winner Carlo Rambaldi

Posted in Festival history - Second edition 2004


In the often-contradictory field of contemporary art, Carlo Rambaldi represents the trend of innovative research that draws its inspiration from a mysterious voyage across unknown dimensions.

Hosted in Tower Guevara, the extraordinary canvases allow learning more of his varied artistic path.

The artist in his work titled “Spatial Atmospheres” focuses on the creation of special dimensions, some dark and heavy, others light, almost without gravity despite their impending solidity. A deep, disarming silence rules over the canvas and the space within. The audience is captivated by the artwork and watches the creative performance of unknown horizons, refined, scrutinized in their microscopic material value.

Solid shapes float silently in the open planes, immense and measurable only through the concreteness of the endless giant bodies that live in it. Yet, these are atmospheres illuminated by surreal lights, moonlight, and melancholy; sometimes aggressive in their quadrangular forms and seemingly going beyond the flat surface of the canvas where they exist. Solid shapes that move in the infinity of the timeless atmosphere impend, at times, as bodies abandoned adrift dragged and driven by a century-old inertia. Melancholic as the characters he envisioned, devised and conceived.

This and a lot more is what this extraordinary collection of paintings will provide on occasion of the second edition of the Ischia Film Festival. It is open to the public so that it can show the “other side” of whom we know as the great cinema conjurer, the originality of an artist who moves in a direction dictated by individualism not attributable to a cliché or to a transient fashion. Rambaldi can magically find in his paintings a dimension that is original and at the same time intriguing, surely originating from his extraordinary intelligence and his strong culture, a culture that in his artworks is characterized mostly by his projection towards the future rather than his references to the past.



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