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At Aragonese Castel an exibition of great films set

Posted in Festival history - Thirteenth edition 2015

From villages to big metropolian cities, an Antonio Maraldi exhibition

Maraldi[Ischia, June 22nd 2015] Starting from 2003, the Ischia Festival has enriched his cinematographic program with important exhibitions as “Costruttori di sogni” staged with sceneries, costumes and croquis of great films and realized together with the Italian Association of scenographers and costume designers, or the late personal exhibition of the Oscar awarded Carlo Rambaldi and the photographic exhibition realized with the Cinematographic Experimental Center.

After ““Viaggio in Italia” and “I luoghi della villeggiatura del cinema Italiano” for the 2015 festival edition the exibition “Le città del cinema. Dai borghi alle grandi metropoli" , telling about photographic set locations in Italy, will be shown. The exhibition curator  is Antonio Maraldi. Carried out in partnership with the Municipality of Cesena  and the Cinema department, the exhibition will be shown in the evocative Garden of Clarisse of the Aragonese Castle, unique Ischia Film Festival location. The Italian cinema, over the last few decades, is moving more and more around the country. Traditionally Rome-centred – even if in the past we can find some significant different locations – the italian cinema, partly thanks to the creative encourage made by the regional film commissions, over this recent period has chosen for his stories, new urban backgrounds. Rome is not at all been erased but beside the capital city other cities are increasingly appearing on the silver screen. The exhibition reports this phenomenon, thought pictures showing town locations, bringing together North and South, big metropolitan cities and suburbs, all chosen by authors and directors as set telling the the past and the present Italy. The pictures comes from “CliCiak”, the national contest for still photographer promoted by the Cinema center of the city of Cesena, who has celebrated this year his eighteenth edition.

The exibiton will be open for all the accredited guests of the Ischia Film Festival, from June 27th to July 4th, during the screening evenings of over 100 works seleceted., at the Aragonese Castle.

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