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Official competitive section Ischia Film Festival 2015

Posted in Festival history - Thirteenth edition 2015

COMPETITIVE Section – Feature Film

1000 Rupee Note (India, 2014) by Shrihari Sathe

The Bridge at The End of the World (Croazia, 2014) by Branko Istvancic

The Cart (Bangladesh, 2014) by Ashraful Alam

Extirpator of Idolatries (Peru, 2014) by Manuel Siles

I loved you so much (Turchia, 2014) by Orhan Tekeoglu

John of God the Movie (Congo, 2014) by Selé M'Poko

Perez. (Italia, 2014) by Edoardo De Angelis


COMPETITIVE SectionDocumentaries

Alegria - A Humanitarian Expedition (Svizzera, 2014) by Christoph von Toggenburg

Black skins, white masks (Francia, 2014) by Lise Bellynck


Un giorno a Wamba(Italia - Repubblica democratica del Congo, 2014) by Francesco Mansutti e Vinicio Stefanello

I want to see the manager (Italia - Germania, 2014) by Hannes Lang


Katchamata (Iran – Repubblica Islamica, 2014) by Pedram Yazdani



Lost Citizens (Regno Unito, 2014) by Sebastiana and Carla Etzo

Naked (Turchia, 2015) by Zekeriya Aydoğan


Pasta amara(Italia, 2015) by Ivano Fachin


Waiting for the (T)rain (Francia,  2015) by Simon Panay



COMPETITIVE SectionShort Film

Catalina y el Sol (Argentina, 2015) by Anna Paula Hönig

Chaque jour est une petite vie (Francia, 2014) by Lou-Brice Léonard and Albane Fioretti

Desert Rose (Spagna, 2014) by Emilio Alonso

Detour (Singapore, 2015) by Michael Kam

Entropia (Polonia, 2015) by Wojciech Klimala

Il Fiume Giovane (Italia, 2014) by Carlos Solito

A long night (Iraq, 2015) by Kamiran Betasi

Los huesos del frío (Spagna, 2014) by Enrique Leal

A passion of gold and fire (Belgio, 2014) by Sébastien Pins

Side Glance of Dragon (Myanmar, 2015) by We Ra

Sinuaria (Italia, 2014) by Roberto Carta

Stella Maris (Francia - Italia, 2014) by Giacomo Abbruzzese       

Tadaima (Stati Uniti, 2015) by Robin Takao D'Oench     

Thriller (Italia, 2014) by Giuseppe Marco Albano


COMPETITIVE SectionDenied Location

Animal Park (Repubblica democratica del Cogno - Italia, 2014) by Antonio and Agostino Spanò

La cella zero (Italia, 2014) by Salvatore Esposito

Endless Corridor (Lithuania, 2014) by Aleksandras Brokas

Gomorraland (Italia, 2015) by Duccio Giordano

If this town wasn't mine (Brasile, 2014) by Felipe Pena

Imminent Threat (Spagna, 2015) by Janek Ambros

Les Messagers (Francia, 2014) by Hélène Crouzillat e Laetitia Tura

Slavery in Yemen (Palestina, 2014) by Ashraf Mashharawi

Welcome to Angkar (Francia, 2015) by Christophe Hamon




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