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The Ischia Film Festival at Hong Kong for “Filmart”, the biggest audiovisual market in Asia

Posted in Festival history - Thirteenth edition 2015

HongKongFF1Michelangelo Messina, the artistical director of the Ischia Film Festival, as planned last february during the Berlinale, has undertaken a long journey to Honk Kong rin order to discover the asian cinema. “Filmart” (23rd – 26th March 2015) is the biggest audiuvisual market of Asia: in this huge trade show the asian cinema is bought and sold, from the Wandong's productions to the Bollywood's ones.

The Honk Kong Film Festival takes place during the days around the trade show, so it is change to see a wide rage of films, from public and private's ones to the several works entered in the festival. 

HongKongFF3The director Messina, will be clearly in search of works dealing with the Ischia Film Festival issue, that is to say works concerning the cultural identity of the territory. It so happens, by the way, that beetween the winners of the Ischia Film Festival's last edition one was Wu Qing with “Ashes to Ashes” from Beijing.

During the three days there will be around 400 projections, beetween them 80 national or mondial previews. The trade show's aim is also promoting the Ischia Festival and his amazing locations. They will be hard days for the italian guest in Hong kong, city where almost ten years ago Messina himself had the chance of talking about film tourism during the first international convention that took place at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he was  invited as the european rapporteur about this phenomenon.

HongKongFF2Opening act for the Honk Kong Film Festival the projection of a lot of mondial previews, between them “Murmur of the hearts” by Sylvia Chang, “The young patriot” by the director Dui Hiabin and “A Man from Manchuria” by Tang Di. In addition to Chinese works and the asian area  entered in the festival, there are many titles we have already seen at the Berlin Festival, “Aferim” for example, by the Romanian director Radu Jude or the work “Eisenstein in Guanajuato” by the visionary  Peter Greenway.

The Italian works selected are just two: “Vergine Giurata”, also this one already seen in Berlin, directed by the really young Laura Bispuri and acted perfecly by Alice Rorchwacher, and “Il capitale umano” by Paolo Virzì. There is also a tribute to Sergio Leone with his masterpiece “C’era una volta in America”.


The projection of the most important China's festival during this year at his 39th edition, take place in several places all around the territory from Kowloon and the Hong kong island, from the Hong Kong Cultural Theatre and the City Hall, to the Science Museum Lecture Hall and the two theatres of  the Convention and Exhibition Center di Hong Kong. On the red carpet many well-known actors to the Chinese public and someone between them known also in Europe thanks to american film productions.

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