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The seventh day for the Ischia Film Festival

Posted in Festival history - Twelfth edition 2014

The Assessor Caterina Miraglia at the Ischia Film Festival

Caterina Miraglia

Catherine Miraglia an important institutional presence yesterday, Friday, July 4, at the Ischia Film Festival. The assesor for Culture of the Region of Campania Caterina Miraglia, intervened in the contest conceived and directed by Michelangelo Messina, would like to congratulate the organization for the high level of the 'the institution - said the Professor - it is an advantage to events like this that enrich the cultural and tourist offer with quality content. I am very happy to attend to this work that I almost feel, in relation to the fact that the festival was funded by my department after being examined by a commission of high-profile. "Assessor Miraglia was complemented by an institutional presence or the assessor homologous to the art and culture of the city of Los Angeles that in addition to building a virtual bridge with our region for future cultural initiatives, gave official recognition by the city ​​of Los Angeles to Michelangelo Messina for his Ischia Film Festival.


The film festival has since opened the meeting with Sean Kanan, actor of the successful American series "Beautiful" and "General Hospital", with the audience of the Festival. Acclaimed by the women in the audience, Kanan said: "I am honored to be here for the third time and each time I always do it with the same pleasure. Deep roots bind me to this region so that seven years ago I decided to make a film about the history of the Mount of Procida 7 sailors killed at sea; the film is called Sons of Italy and will be released on DVD in December. "

 Great success for the screening, which took place at the Cathedral of the 'Assumption of the film "Maldamore" introduced by director Angelo Longoni. It is a 100-minute comedy that tells a funny game of pairs in which, among traitors serial and occasional pairs, formed by Ambra Angiolini and Luca Zingaretti and Alessio Boni and Luisa Ranieri, are separated only to find themselves. Other actors in the cast thickness as: Claudia Gerini, Eugenio Franceschini, Miriam Dalmatius, Eleonora Ivone, Ettore Bassi and Adolfo Margiotta. "I am delighted to be here tonight for the screening of my film - said Longoni -; we had a great and the place is really lovely and reminds me of wonderful memories: needless to Ischia for 20 years and at the time my wife was pregnant with our first child and it is something that has excited us very much to go back again. I want to emphasize - concluded Longoni - I love this festival for two main reasons: the first is the beauty of the place where it takes place and the second because it really from space to the movies without getting lost in unnecessary frills: it is a festival of hope and concrete also be able to return in the coming years. "

 Among the many filmmakers present last night also:

Justin Liberman, who presented at the Cathedral of the Assumption "Tobacco burn"; Arantxa Echevarria who, at the House of the Sun has introduced "De noche y de ready"; Matthew Pedicini and Ivano Ferone that the Chiesadi S. Pietro in Pantaniello, presented "Co'Scienza and Wonder" and Stephen and Mario Martone who introduced the film "Lucciole per lanterne" at the Casa del Sole.


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