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Sixth day for the Ischia Film Festival

Posted in Festival history - Twelfth edition 2014


25 - Pupi Avati

The sixth night of the Ischia Film Festival opened with the intervention of the famous Italian director Pupi Avati, this year's jury president of the film festival.

Yesterday, Thursday, July 3, 2014, Pupi Avati, together with his brother Antonio, producer of his films, he recounted his experience as a director and filmmaker with over 40 films to his 50-year career.

"My passion for cinema - said Pupi Avati- has ancient roots; I lived my teenage years in a very difficult time for Italy to World War II and the post-conflict period in which in a context of distrust and abject poverty the only way to escape was to go to the cinema. Making movies today-has continued the director bolognese- is very different than when I started, because if a film does not have some success, even though it is a great product, it comes immediately to flop and to prevent this from happens we are forced to comply with the laws of the market and churn out products that can attract the largest number of viewers possible to us filmmakers in substance before there was a freedom of expression that no longer exists and I strongly regret. "

Speaking of the Ischia Film Festival finally Avati said: "This Festival is unique because it has a prerogative that I have never seen before: the location; be able to see the film in this castle overlooking the sea makes watching movies under the stars even more impressive. "

"We are very pleased to be here this evening - said Antonio Avati-; I Pupi and we are very attached to this island, I remember that in the 70 'took the island, on the occasion of the festival comedy films, our film called Bordella and from then on we always come back with great pleasure. Also - has continued the producer bolognese- two years my brother and I are working on a project for a period film, set in 700 'and that we want to turn right inside the Castello Aragonese; is a work in which we hold a great deal and it should work even an American producer who said he was immediately very interested; we hope you will give us positive response as soon as possible to enable us to make concrete the project. "

During the meeting of the brothers Avati with the public, Michelangelo Messina, founder and artistic director of the Ischia Film Festival, presented Pupi Avati, as president of the jury, a statuette in the shape of the Aragonese Castle, the symbol of the Festival.

The evening then continued with screenings of films in competition and with the introductions of their respective directors.

To highlight the great success of the film Renato Porphyry "Chaising." This short film, based on a true story, tells of a little more than an adolescent boy, who is detached from the world of friendship of the peer group to chase after the heavy losses resulting from its dependence on the game that will lead him to suicide.

"This is my short-explained Renato Porfido- inspired by a true story of a little boy by an adult who caught gambling, spends all his savings and filled with remorse towards his parents up too much at stake, his life. All this happened on July 3, 2013, the day of my birthday; unna news heard on the news that immediately triggered in me and my co-workers the desire to give greater voice to this disease, compulsive gambling, of which little is heard for the huge royalty income. I want to say - said the young director-that the short is having a great response from both associations such as the Game Over in Rome, attentive to the problem for years and it is with the general public of all the festivals in which you select the film and then projected to the public. Play video in a tragedy simile- concluded Porfido- wants to be a clear message to the viewer, anyone can be that guy who committed suicide, a son, a grandson, a friend, a brother, and so could be of great help to those who have in the home such a problem and do not know it. "

Received with great curiosity the docu-film, which premiered in the national Church of S. Pietro in Pantaniello, "The stone cry out" of the journalist Yasmine Perni. This feature film is the story of tens of thousands of Palestinian inhabitants who since 1948 have been driven from their homes in what was officially christened "Operation Boom".

"In 2006 - said Yasmine Perni- I moved to Palestine to work and what I could see I was shocked; I was there for 4 years in which I was able to collect testimonies and interviews that I have served for the production of this documentary. This work thus born - said the director-with the desire to tell the reality of everything that happens in the Middle East because the news by the media reflect only a small part of what really happens in those places. Allow me to point out - ended in pins - that if it is true that there are already several documentaries on Palestine is also true that it was never made ​​a documentary giving voice to Palestinian Christians: I'm proud to say that we have filled this in my opinion, serious gap. "

Among the directors present at last night also include:

Alessandro Stevanon, that at the Cathedral of the Assumption, presented the short film "America"; Alessandro Chetta that on the terrace of the convent and attended the screening of the short film "Unstable"; Karma Gava and Alvise Morato that have introduced, in the Cathedral of the Assumption, the feature film "Looking for a friend" and Cyop & Kaf who presented the feature film "The Secret."

N.B. Tomorrow, Saturday, July 5, 2014, at the awards ceremony of the Ischia Film Festival, among many guests will be present in Marco Palvetti, lead actor of the hit series of Sky "Gomorrah" in which he plays the role of the boss Salvatore Conte. Palvetti deliver the prize to one of the directors of the festival winners.


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