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Emotions at the Ischia Film Festival during the fifth night

Posted in Festival history - Twelfth edition 2014

24 Anna Procaccini

Evening full of emotions  yesterday, Wednesday, July 2nd , 2014, the Aragonese Castle of Ischia for the fifth day of 'Ischia Film Festival, conceived and directed by Michelangelo Messina. 

At the opening  Anna Procaccini who introduced the film "Almeno io Fo ... à", by Alan Bacchelli and Lorenzo Degli Innocenti, giving the audience their memories of the Festival, also very personal, as well as her husband's extraordinary actor, screenwriter and director Arnoldo Foa. 

"This film-explained Anna Procaccini- was born with the desire to tell both the private life and working life of Arnold through the points of view of various people who knew him and had the opportunity to work with him. I am very happy - he continued the director's wife Emilia - to be here this evening to present the Ischia film because my husband was tied up in this island, he began to frequent it in the late 50 'and fell in love madly, since we went back several times until 2006 when I took him myself here at the Ischia Film Festival; are particularly excited because this island and this festival reminds me of so many wonderful moments of life lived with Arnoldo then a special thanks to the organizers for inviting me again this year. "

Other unmissable event turned out to be the one with the director Davide Ferrario who presented the film "La Luna su Torino." The story of this film focuses on the three main characters who live in the same house and on the idea that Ferrario follows since its inception: that of life on the forty-fifth parallel (through Turin and a large part of the Po Valley). The forty-fifth parallel - halfway between the pole and the equator - becomes a metaphor for living in balance and has the magic of suggestion hidden in the normal range. 

"I decided to make this film-said Ferrario- because I felt strongly the need to talk about the problems of life today. I have tried to play down the severity of the plot using a light style: short, I wanted to express the important concepts with the lightness of a hot air balloon. For what concerns this Festival and this location I want to sottolineare- concluded that the director-I was blown away by the beauty of this island and to the great minds that move around it; testimony that in Italy, both in the north and south, there are so many places and so many people who could, with minimal effort, contribute to the recovery of this country. "

24e Cecilia Mangini

Great attention of a huge slice of spectators for the introduction of the docu-film "Traveling with Cecilia" by Mariangela Barbanente and Cecilia Mangini, extraordinary pugliese documentary year, 1927. 


Cecilia Mangini and his co-director Mariangela Barbanente through a film on the road, tell us how it has changed Puglia, the land of their origin and the central theme of documentaries made by Cecilia Mangini, in the last forty years. From the documentary makes it clear that Taranto is a city hostage with pollution dall'acciaieria Ilva. How to watch the industry that redeems the land, which the troll out of his archaic dimension, placing, however, present in a cruel and contradictory? 

"This documentary - said Cecilia Mangini - is a genuine complaint against the institutions that were to look at a situation in which hundreds of people fell ill and died without him was recognized that the real cause. I felt then doverono, by documentary filmmaker, return once again to the light to light this tragic situation living both citizens of Taranto Ilva due to pollution. I believe - said the documentary - that this problem is not restricted to Puglia but rather it is a great scourge to the whole of Italy can no longer pretend nothing has happened in front of a situation so important and especially severe; I - concluded Mangini - probably, given my advanced age, I can not see tipping in this situation, but I am sure that sooner or later it will happen and when that happens I'll be happy if I think. "

Great success with audiences and critics for the first national film of Chinese director Wu Qing "Ashes to Ashes" .Complete film is the story of a taciturn old man and a young and exuberant boy who begin a long journey together per seek their respective families . 

24 Wu Qing

"I thank the Ischia Film Festival - said Wu Qing - for giving me the opportunity to be here tonight to present my film together and to visit such a wonderful place; On Location of my feature film are very similar to Ischia because, like it, are wild but at the same time full of culture, music and history. Through this film - said the director of China - I hope to be able to stimulate many European viewers to visit the magnificent places that you see in my film: in short, a true sponsorship to my land. "


The feature film "Things we do for love", the Finnish director Matti Ijas, has been a high level of support from the public. The story tells of a lonely romantic photographer who has a strange artistic vision of loneliness and photographer empty benches located in remote areas of nature suddenly meets the lively and undisciplined Ansa, Vaarala inevitably falls in love and tries to fill in the blanks of his existence. Being with her, though, for Vaarala means coming to terms not only with his own fragility but also the dangers generated by the return of a former boyfriend of Ansa out of prison and impetuousness and impulsiveness of Bend itself.

"The message I wanted to convey with this work - said Matti Ijas - about love: love each other according to their own subjectivity and this inevitably has an impact on our way of life, particularly for children; also in my film also places great importance that I fast for shooting; not by chance that I chose to shoot in Lapland resort known for its very special and charming as always showing love to interact with the places. "

N.B. Please note also, that this evening, at 21, in the wonderful Castello Aragonese, Antonio and Pupi Avati meet the public Ischia Film Festival.

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