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Le Cose Belle at the Ischia Film Festival

Posted in Festival history - Twelfth edition 2014

Le cose belle

[Ischia, July 2, 2014] In conjunction with the national release in theaters, also arrives at the Ischia Film Festival Le Cose Belle, the award-winning documentary by Agostino Ferrente and Giovanni Piperno set in the Neapolitan suburb of Ponticelli.

Produced among others by the Parallel 41 by Antonella Di Nocera, the work of Ferrente and Piperno, recent winner of the special award for the best documentary film at the Nastri d'Argento, shows the effort and beauty of the South grow in a movie which tells thirteen years of life. That of Adele, Enzo, Fabio and Silvana, told in two key moments of their lives: the first youth and early adulthood, in a film that mixes the time of life and the time in the cinema. The dignity of youth and adult responsibilities in a Naples, immersed in that its magmatic fabric, where good and evil living in the vicinity, giving a face to the complexity of human experience.

When in 1999 Ferrente Agostino and Giovanni Piperno realized Interview with my mother, a documentary on Rai Tre that he wanted to tell fragments of adolescence in Naples, with their four protagonists asked how they imagined their future: they said, with his eyes full of that special light that only at that age who still has dreams of "beautiful things" and quell'autoironia typical of Neapolitan culture which helps them to play down, exorcise and sometimes remove the problematic aspects of life. At the same time those eyes shone with a trace of superstitious disenchantment.

Ten years later, passing by the Naples Renaissance culture, which attracted artists from all over the world, to that of today, full of excitement and talent, but submerged by trash and degradation always hidden in the folds of everyday life, the filmmakers are back to film their four protagonists for a period of four years: self-irony gave way to realism; the "beautiful things" Fabio, Enzo, Adele and Silvana no longer believe or perhaps have learned not to look for them in the future or in the past, but live in the uncertain of their day in the struggle for existence / resistance, tough but dignified.

It will be one of the protagonists of the film, Fabio Rippa, to accompany the presentation of the film in Ischia, on Thursday evening in the enchanting surroundings of the Aragonese Castle.

The Ischia Film Festival, conceived and directed by Michelangelo Messina, will conclude on Saturday with the awards ceremony of the competition entries that will be musically accompanied by Claudio Diana and with the show "Napoli era, ora."

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