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Evening of reflections at the IFF

Posted in Festival history - Twelfth edition 2014

Bille August

[Ischia, July 1, 2014] evening rich in content than yesterday, Monday, June 30, 2014, at the Ischia Film Festival; so many movies with large social messages: one of the most acclaimed feature film, a tribute to Nelson Mandela, "Goodbye Bafana" filmed in 2007 by Danish director Bille August, which, interviewed by Michelangelo Messina, founder and artistic director of the Festival, said: 

"Before we started shooting the film, I wrote a long letter to Nelson Mandela; I received an answer from him in which authorized me to turn recommending to tell, through the film, things only truthful; so to make the story as real as possible I moved to South Africa six months before I started filming. I had such a chance to confront this extraordinary people, hearing their stories, memories and opinions on Nelson Mandela and even I was able to talk to his prison guards. Also- continued August- the scenes of the film are entirely filmed in the actual locations where Mandela lived and was imprisoned. Thanks to the work of documentation that I have done to make this film made ​​me feel even more the greatness of this man and I am convinced that if Syria and Iraq there were personalities like Mandela things would be different. "


The evening continued with the film "What is left?" directed by Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi. Third chapter of an ideal Italian film trilogy about the changes of the last decade, after "Suddenly, Last Winter" and "Italy Love it or Leave it", "What is left?" Is a film that shows the delicate lightness with changes politicians, especially of the left, through the eyes of two protagonists subjective-directors Gustav and Luca, the latter has always been left-wing voters, they thought that 2013 would be the year of change, but the unexpected comeback of Berlusconi and the 'arrival on the scene of Beppe Grillo, seem to have changed the cards on the table. Starting from the primary PD of 2012, a series of meetings, events and paradoxical situations will help them find their way through the maze of identity, that of the left, which if not lost is definitely tarnished. 

"The 2013- explained the two young filmmakers - it was a historical period of great change and this film, therefore wants to be a kind of document for future generations so that they know and understand what went through Italy from the political point of view and social in recent years; Also- continued guys- chose this title because it has a double meaning (what is left / what 's left) with which indeed give food for thought, a little' provocative, to the public the identity of the left today because in our opinion it is fading more and more. "


Another film that has aroused great interest the debut of director Stevens Moro "Into the Dream" presented in its world premiere at the Ischia Film Festival. The film tells the story of Richard Cantwell, a young American with a passion for poetry that it will undertake a long journey retracing the steps of the writer Ernest Hemingway. 

Bille August  Michelangelo Messina

"I'm delighted - said Moro - to be here to present my work before the world premiere; I had never come to Ischia before and this Festival, which struck me for its impeccable organization and the high level of competition films, gave me the opportunity to visit a lovely place to go back for vacation or also to present my next short knows that I just started to work. 

He closed the evening screening, in the Cathedral of the Assumption, the short film of Mario Luca Romano Leonbruno and "Terra Promessa." This docu-short tip the goal on two serious situations bells: the land of fires, full of radioactive material and infected, and the Roma camps in the immediate vicinity of these landfills, where together with adults, including waste and gases coming from underground live many children who are at risk of getting sick every day; all this under the eyes of a state absent. 


"I'm very happy to be here tonight -explained Luke Romano, who attended the screening - because to run this short is a way to bring more light to a very serious situation and unsustainable: a real crime committed by the institutions to the detriment of human human. This work was born as a complaint against the government that, despite the heavy loads made​​, including through our documentary, merely to remove some parliamentary in the territory concerned strictly with cameras in tow, who promises to take care of this situation for then in the concrete to continue to infischiarsene; and in the meantime, more than 100 people including many children continue to live and breathe in those contaminated sites where the possibility of getting serious diseases high. I would like to sottolineare- concluded the young director-that this film is promoted by human rights film festival in Naples. "

Among the guests present report the presence of the following directors: Valeria Labriola who presented the short "Sassiwood"; Frederick of Sicily with the movie "The ultimate goal"; Barbara Maffeo with 'Man River "; John Aloisi with "A passo d'uomo"; Matthew Ginori Freitas and Joana de Veille Rivaracon "Wangki- Silence of the Sirens" and Cristian Manno and Pantaleo Riellicon the short "EVU ce es (you and me)."

Recall that this evening special guests of the Ischia Film Festival will be: Hugh Gregory who will present "Un'Intellettuale di borgata" by Enzo De Camillis: docu-film of Pierpaolo Pasolini whose protagonist and witness and Alessandro Rossetto who will introduce his film "Piccola Patria".

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