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The Church of S.Pietro in Pantaniello

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Located on the east side of the Castle, the church is used for the screening of the works of the official selection, and for the meetings with the authors.

The church of S. Pietro is called “in Pantaniello” because of the statue of the saint, that came from a church of ancient origins, then abandoned, located on a hill near the present harbor of Ischia; at the time the harbor was a small lake called the “Pantaniello”. This pond was opened in 1851 on the side that bordered on the sea by the King of Naples, Ferdinand II of Bourbon in order to change it in harbour. The church has an hexagonal map. It was built by Dionysius Basso to allocate it to his son that was a priest. It was opened for worship in 1564. The Architecture is attributed to the architect Jacono Barozzi, called the “Vignola”. 

On the detailed map of Aragonese Castle, the Church of S. Pietro in Pantaniello is marked by the number 4.

You can reach/display this location using the map of Ischia Film Festival on Google Maps.



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