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CINETURISMO: the first APP in Campania

Posted in Festival history - Twelfth edition 2014

THE ISCHIA FILM FESTIVAL launches the first application of films shoted in Ischia 


[Naples, May 16th 2013] The Ischia Film Festival, the national event dedicated to cineturismo, with the director Michelangelo Messina, and the director of the Regione Campania Film Commission Maurizio Gemma and Commissioner of EPT Naples, lawyer Luigi Lucarelli has presented the first application for Android, iPhone and iPad about  Ischia film locations at the EPT office in Naples.

From today you can visit the film locations of the green island through this application for Android, iPhone and iPad. The patron of cineturismo in Italy Michelangelo Messina said: << We are proud of the birth of this first App , over ten years of activity in the cineturismo. From the promotion of sites across the festival location, combined with technological innovation, we have created the project  App "Ischia Film Locations", an interactive journey to discover the island film sets, through the 32 films that have played a leading role. A new way to explore the island and rediscover places and locations through the special look of the cinema >>


Through the app you can explore about 40 sites that have left nearly 100 locations spread among the six municipalities of the island. A guided tour, designed for each municipality, which accompanies in a rational way from one place to another, offering, for each location the scene, the poster, the board of the film that has used it. << This is the first App in Campania dedicated to this new declination of the journey that will soon be revived to other cities and provinces of this region, rich of locations used by the cinema >> Messina said.

The presentation has taken place this morning at the prestigious EPT, where the Extraordinary lawyer Luigi Lucarelli emphasized the usefulness of making a table of consultation with the appropriate bodies to give an opportunity to other towns of Campania to be involved in the development of cineturismo through these initiatives


The Director of the Regione Campania Film Commission Maurizio Gemma has introduced the project and highlighted the work done during  this years  at Ischia Film festival, consolidated event of international interest and benefits derived from the economic impact in the short and long term that a film production generates on land used for shooting, remembering the benefits that citizenship Castellabate obtained with the film Benvenuti al Sud

The project, part of the Ischia Film Festival activities since its beginning in 2003, has always been involved in movie location and cineturismo, realizing the first movie tour of Campania and remaining always careful to market trends and to the prospects offered by new technologies.


From the observation and the analysis of the most important national and international case histories Michelangelo Messina reaches to the idea to create a cineturistica Application. It’s well known that the cineturista moves often alone or in couple in search of his favorite sets. It 'also true that beyond the fashions of the moment often determined by the most recent box office success and  often reduced to a limited period of time, each tourist has his films and he is attracted to a different type or a different type of places, so it was strictly necessary to create an app that would serve as a starting point for identification of the geographical location; then it can be explored with the movie or with the new vision of a classic, already seen, in the past.

The realization of the App is part of the project Ischia Film Festival  2013 funded by the Campania Region Department of Culture, "Culture as a resource."

The App is available for Android on Google Play and  on the Apple Store for the iPhone and iPad.

Download the app and enjoy the ride on the cinema places of Ischia!

Contact us to make the app even in your city.

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