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Ischia FF in the 54th edition of Nordische Filmtage Lübeck

Posted in Festival history - Eleventh edition 2013


From the warm sea of the gulf of Naples to the cold Baltic sea. The Ischia Film Festival is among the participants of the 54th edition of Nordische Filmtage of Lubecca in Germany,  the most important film festival for the Nordic countries. This meeting has taken place for  well over half century in which Northern European states: Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Iceland, Sweden offer their latest cinematographic works to an international audience.

To open the evening on the occasion of the inaugural ceremony of the festival,there is  a highly awaited movie for the spectators: "Kon-Tiki" which was made by the Norwegian directors Joachim Renning and Espen Sandberg. The movie was inspired by the homonymous documentary which won the Academy Award in 1952, it tells the story of the biologist Thor Heyerdahl who travelled by raft from Peru to Polynesia. It is Already a blockbuster in Norway and the movie is set  to be an international success and it has been nominated Norwegian movie of the year at the Academy Awards.

“Kon-Tiki has not been the only big news for this particular edition; there are  many other previews among which "Love is all you need" the latest movie by the norwegian director and Academy Awards winner Susan Bier. The Ischia Film Festival in 2011 showed her wonderful work which was entitled “ In a Better World”. Michelangelo Messina with his cinematographic competition,which is focused on film locations, is taking part among the international cinema  festivals  with other German, American and British colleagues. Linde Fröhlich, director of the Lübeck festival, who   presided the jury this year for  the tenth edition which was dedicated especially to film locations. she wanted the Ischia Festival, to  be present in Lubecca so as  to strengthen the relationship between different cinematographic european cultures and consolidate their partnership.


The festival director Michelangelo Messina affirms that it is very important  for the Ischia Film Festival to take part in such an important kermess as the one held in Lübeck, where there is the opportunity to  get to know films made in Northern europe, which we rarely  have the chance to see in italy. Thanks to the synergy created among the festivals these films will become better known and be more greatly appreciated. Cinema provides  an important tool by which the human being can be captured in the environmental context which surrounds him. By incorporating in our festival films that come from distant and different countries contributes towards telling the cultural differences between the countries and favors and stimulates dialogue and integration within european society  which is  always becomming more and more interracial.


During the break between one film and  another Michelangelo paid special attention to the awesome city of Lubecca where he wasted no time in looking for new cinematographic locations for his website which is aimed to Cinetourism. In Tomas Man’s house and in several places in the area, he discovered all the locations used in the series called "I Buddenbrook" which will soon be available on the website which pinpoints  the locations for the most famous films and encourages  cine-travellers to go and actually visit these places.

Many  news about the film life will be convey to all in the next meeting about the Cinetourism which takes place in ischia from the 29th of june to the 6th of july during the eleventh edition of Ischia Film Festival 2013

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