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The Ischia Film Festival remembers Carlo Rambaldi

Posted in Festival history - Eleventh edition 2013


Carlo Rambaldi magician of special effects and member of the Honour committee of the Ischia Film Festival is dead in Lamezia Terme when he was 86 years old.

“Carlo Rambaldi was a great artist and he was the first to have the idea to make the Ischia Film Festival. Michelangelo Messina says: He gave to me his support from the beginning, approving to be the first president of the jury in 2003 and keep attending the festival in the following years.

This is the memory of Michelangelo Messina  who is the creator and art director of The Ischia Film Festival “ Carlo Rambaldi has especially  been a great artist, painter, sculptor and magician of the special effects. He won three oscars through King Kong' by John Guillermin, 'Alien' by Ridley Scott and for E.T. by Steven Spielberg. He didn’t boast about it and he was a modest person. Thanks to his precious contribute The Ischia Film Festival had from the beginning a high visibility, therefore the next year we decide to pay tribute to him with his own exhibition in the Michelangelo’s Tower. In the tower were shown his futuristic paintings, his sketches , the models of his creature, from the original E.T. made for the director Steven Spielberg to the models of Alien and King Kong. Above all were exposed his three Oscars which were moved by me every evening from the tower to my house for fear that somebody could steal them. Just few people know that Carlo Rambaldi has been the Pinocchio’s father, ”during the exhibition we shown some unpublished photo while the master was making the structure of Pinocchio. On that occasion he told the journalists how he made his first animated creature for the film directed by Comencini.


The magician of the special effects was born in Ferrara 86 years ago. He was one of the most important italian who represented italy in the cinema around the world. He loved his job which is a mixture of sketches, drawings and models, but he hated  the computer because it reveled the magic of his work. Rambaldi contended that the digital process cost more than meccatronica. He contributed to many others masterpieces with his “special effects”, Close encounter of the Third kind' (1977) by Spielberg,'Dune' (1984) by David Lynch, 'Planet of Vampires ' by Mario Bava and 'Deep Red' by Dario Argento.

rambaldi-diesegna-alla-torre“ He always had with him his pen with which he drew his sketches wherever he was. For example in the last night of the first edition of the Ischia film festival we were compelled to take refuge due to the rain in the Michelangelo’s Tower where he started drawing on the wall The E.T. with an umbrella. Among his memories i remember when he got the oscars: he didn’t speak english and when he got the first he said “ thank you”, in the second “thank you very much” and in the third “thank you very very much”. i’d like to remember Carl Rambaldi as a good and smart person who was and i’d like to thank him three times me too” concludes Messina. Goodbye Carlo." 

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