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The go-ahead of IFF

Posted in Festival history - Tenth edition 2012

X edition of festival locations opens the programming with the multi prize-winning


“Italy: Love it or Leave it” by Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi. 


[Ischia, June 30th] Ischia Film Festival is pleased to open its 10th edition with the documentary “Italy: Love it or Leave it” by Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi (Improvvisamente l’inverno scorso), the history of a journey of two boys up and down Italy, to understand if it is useful to stay in Italy or to emigrate.

An ironic and bitter journey, made of beautiful foreshortenings in the current Italy; an Italy full of contradditions, that involves and rejects, of heroes ready to rebel, because as Camilleri says in an interview “ if things in our country goes wrong, we should stay here, to defeat our own ideas and never give up… go away means desertation”.

After having received many aknowledgements, Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi land at Ischia, where they meet the public at  Cattedrale dell’Assunta , Castello Aragonese, in prime tv, conduct by the journalist Maria Stella Taccone. Many works for this night: at Piazzale D’Armi there will be the projection of “Appartamento ad Atene” by Ruggiero De Paola. The film, setted in 1943, tells the violence of World War II.  The second evening offers an hollywoodian feature “Paradiso Amaro” by Alexander Payne. An exceptional  cast, with George Clooney, for the film taken by the work of Kaui Hart Hemmings, candidate to five Oscar prizes for 2012. At Terrazza del Convento will be presented four works : “Ohe Azpiko Zera”, short feature , by David Zabala and Paul Urkijo; the documentaries “Do you really love me?” by Alaistar Cole, le “Bonheur…le terre Promise” by Laurent Hasse and the selected work in Location denied  by “El Padre” by Patricia Venti.. Casa del Sole, the last one, proposes at 9.30p.m., the short feature  “Live Radio” by Giorgio Galieti (Alessia Scarso work), the short feature “Disinstallare un amore”, and the documentary in competition “Voi siete qui” by Francesco Mattera.

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