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The stars of Como Lake

Posted in Festival history - Tenth edition 2012

Cineturists at the discover of setting up at Lario.

A journey among majestic panorama, loved from  Hitchcock and Lucas, Clooney and De Niro.


A  guide and a video to discover sets and films setting up on Comasco territory: they will take place, on Sunday, July 1st ,  7.30 p.m., at Castello Aragonse of  Ischia; during the Ischia Film Festival. The link between  Hitchcock ‘s film “The passion Labyrinth” and the top selling item of Italian cinema “What a wonderful day ? ”; and also  what links the second episode of “Star Wars” and “Oceans Twelve”?Maybe is unknown, but the set has set up in Como, on the lake shore, or near lakes and mountains, of ComascoBrianza.

George Clooney, who has bought a mansion there and hosted hollywoodian stars; is considered the most formidable promoter of Lario in the world with other actors and directors, creating a new cultural tourism. Chamber of the Commerce of Como, offers to Cineturists  a precious compass, in collaboration with the Provincial administration.

This territory confirms a natural cinematographic set, and equally the Ischia Film Festival appears, at its 10th edition; thanks to its artistic director (Michelangelo Messina), who has invented the term “cineturism”. Sunday, July, 1st at 7.30 p.m. , the Chamber  Commerce of Como, will offer a cinematographic  cocktail at Castello Aragonese, where  the guide will present “Le stelle del  lago di Como” by Pietro Berra, and an important video on Comasque set by Paolo Lipari. Andrea Camesasca, member of the Chamber of Commerce of Como, will organise the evening .

As Robin Williams said: “it’s obvious that Jesus exists when we look at the sky of Como Lake”. People, who haven’t had the opportunity to appreciate this sight; could see, through the pictures, the projections at Ischia Film Festival.

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