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IFF and AFIC research - The important effects of Culture

Posted in Festival history - Tenth edition 2012

In a dynamic and competitive contest, the events can determine an important impact into the competitiveness of the area and the touristic development of this territory. In effect "one euro invested in an important festival or not, characteriszed a profitability coefficient equal to 2,50 euro". This result is originated from a projected and financial research made by IULM and AFIC, coordinated by Gianni Canova and Mario Abis; results published into the Volume "I festival del cinema.Quando la cultura rende", that has been introduced on June, 15th at "Casa del Cinema" of Rome (Johan & Levi Publisher - Arte Economia Colelction).

direzioni_festivalEleven are the festivals inquired, among them, the Ischia Film Festival (IFF) of Michelangelo Messina results considerable. Since ten years, Michelangelo has always given an important value to the kermesse of locations; as we can note through the public placards; where we can see features, documentaries and short-features. These works represent the cultural identity of this territory, always present in an improvement perspective for a touristic rediscovery of it. These researches, compared through an adult and young public,  have allowed  the discover of a raised aspect of the festival, with an high results of 34,2% of habitués, and at the same time, its trasformation with more creativity. It is also important to point out the social engagement of this festival, in giving imputs to young students.

Among the eleven festivals analysed, the IFF is positionated on a high level about its creativity; because one of the main aspects of it, is the importance of the formative aspect and not the glamour scenary.

The international cinematographic concourse created and directed by Michelangelo Messina, is collocated in the third place after the famous festival of Bologna and Courmayer, and before Pesaro, RIFF and Taormina festivals.

A result of a great prestige gained above all for the quality of structures, services, bar/restaurants in the places where the festival takes place, secretary and accredit services and for the easy way to receive information. In the research it is pointed out the kermesse peculiarity of the island, to be considered a cultural event for the quality of elaboration places and projections, with major agreement among the adult public (36-60 years).

IFF in the last year has been able to activate a production of 300,00 euro with an added value for the territory; more than substained costs to manage the festival. Although the public funds, (20% of the amount, considered the lowest among the inquired festivals) this result cannot be unnoticed, because represents an economic concrete value for the organizers, who have always given passion in this job to emphasize this island.

Through this research, the profitability of the cultural enterprice in the cinematographic area, results significant both for public corporation and private investors. The preparartion of this festival presents a virtuous device in the role game of offer and request ,benefits for all the stakeholders of the area; and this results evident with the IFF case that has always established a profitable relations in the local businessman.

The hotel managers garantee hospitality for the guests and receive a papery advertiving and promotion of their package tours, through our website. The existence of surplus value 40,000 euro involves restaurants, shops and other structures an this is a revival occasion for the territory  to  take the opportunity for its renewal.

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