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Ready the decennial of Ischia Film Festival

Posted in Festival history - Tenth edition 2012

This year is the tenth edition of the Ischia Film Festival , that will take place from June, 30th  to July, 7th at the exclusive and suggestive  sixteenth century frame of Castello Aragonese, to reward as every year films that have narrated , through locations, history and culture of this territory.



Features, documentaries and short-features came from 26 countries of the world will contend the Ischia Film Award, prize for the work that has expressed the particular and unique issue of this festival, that during these few years has been important in the international cinematographic panorama. Other prizes will be assigned during the kermesse to directors, scene designers and important actors.

Among the most famous supporters, the President of the Italian Republic Sir.Giorgio Napolitano, has sustained the event with a bronze plaque to attest the job, the cinematographic and cultural promotion, that this important event spreads in Italy and in the world.

An appreciate and estimate event, present in ten years, through the witness of its public. From the honorary President: the favorite scene designer of Stanley Kubrick, twice prized in Hollywood with Oscar winner  Sir Ken Adam; to the members of the honor committee: the Oscar prize Carlo Rambaldi, the genius of special effects; Alan Lee and John Howe, conceptual designers of The Lord of the rings; the author of the cinematographic photography, three times Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro. Other directors Abel Ferrara, Kristoff Zanussi, Pupi Avati, Giuliano Montaldo, Carlo Lizzani, Luciano Emmer, and the russian director Pavel Lounguine.

The jury is composed of scene designer Bruno Amalfitano, the journalist Alberto Castellano, the docu-film director Alessandro Signetto and the director of Lubeck Nordic Films Days Linde Froehlich, who will assign the prizes for this edition.

The National association of the Film Commision, has decided for the first time a prize that will be assigned during the festival to one of the best  Italian director Marco Bellocchio, for his film “La bella addormentata”. There will be a new section “Social Location ”, focusing to the concept of the location, about the economic social issues presented in the recent national cinematography and not.

The projections will be eighty and they will be visible in four suggestive locations : Cattedrale dell’Assunta, Terrazzo del Convento, Terrazza del Sole and Piazza d’Armi.

During the meetings “Parliamo di cinema”, that will take place in the baroque church, there will be actors, directors and scene designers: Fabrizio Cattani director of “Maternity Blues”, with the main characters: Chiara Martegiani e Marina  Pennafina,will talk about the infanticide drama.

“Diaz”, by Daniele Vicari points out the tragical events of G8 in Genova, and it will be introduced by Mattia Sbragia; while Francesco Patierno will talk about racism in the North, issue talked into "Cose dell’altro mondo".

The Italian comedy will be presented with Uccio De Santis, at his first debut. To pay homage Pupi Avati, rewarded last year at the festival with the ciak “Corallo alla carriera”, Andrea Roncato and Stefania Barca will present the last work of the Bolognese director “Il cuore grande delle ragazze”.

Among the projections, in addition to the road movie “Italy, Love it or Leave It”, the docu-film that talks about the different aspects of our country, will be the films that have characterized the season 2011-2012: “Il pescatore di sogni” winner of the Oscar 2012 as Best script not original, “Paradiso amaro” with George Clooney, “Qualcosa di straordinario” the suggestive movie  by Ken Kwapis, “La sorgente dell’amore” by Radu Mihaileanu, “L’industriale” by Giuliano Montaldo, “Immaturi” by Paolo Genovese and the last work by Paolo Sorrentino “This must be the place”.

The festival has always dedicated an exhibition to the Italian cinema and also for this edition in the hall of the clarisse, it will be exhibited  “Viaggi in Italia 3”, the photographic exhibition that includes, into a suggestive way, the set of the cinema shooted into the nice country from 1990 to 2010. The exhibition, curated by Antonio Maraldo and realized by the “Centro Cinema città di Cesena”, regione Emilia Romagna, Cinema General Direction, Ministero dei beni culturali e Annecy Cinèma Italien, proposes 45 black and white shoots made by scene photographers, that will show places of cult films like “Io ballo da sola”, “La vita è bella”, “Rosso Malpelo”, “Respiro”, “La stanza del figlio” and many more Italian masterpiece of the last twenty years.

There will be a reflection upon cineturismo, neologism ideated by the creator and the artistic director of the festival Michelangelo Messina. At the international convention "Cineturismo in Italia: il neologismo compie 10anni – Problematiche e prospettive del location placament", there will be  the maximum experts of the territorial  marketing and cineturism from the biggest Italian and international university.

The maximum expert of the scientific committee Prof. Sue Beeton of “La trobe University of Australia”, as well as president of the scientific committee, will preside the festival. Among the Italians Elena D’Alessandri, coordinator of the Observatory of the Film Commission and the Fund Films there will be – Anna Olivucci , responsible of Marche Film Commission and vice-president of the national Italian Film Commission – Guido Cerasulo Mestiere Cinema and president of the executive producer association – Alberto Contri President Lombardia Film Commission – Laurent Vierin, Cultural and education of  Valle D’Aosta. The meeting will take place in three days into the Ischia kermesse and there will be the possibility to share different  points of view about cultural and touristic phenomenon, that has been considered in the  European area, thanks to the Ischia Film Festival ten years ago.

The OSA workshop expected by young people: Realize a cine-television product; the rule of the film commission into the support  of the local cinematic industry.

This year to pay homage to the festival, there will also be the President of the New Cinema and television University of Cinecittà, Vittorio Giacci, and with the cinematographic critic Gianni Canova, (face of Sky Cinema ), offered two important prefaces in the official catalogue of this edition.

The final evening will see the award ceremony of the 10th edition, and it will take place Saturday, July, 7th at the Cathedral of Castello Aragonese, with the presence of the  Trio eccentrico

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