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Anrico Lo Versi e Michelangelo Messina

Trips to Italy- Italian movie sets 1941-1959

Photo exhibition by Antonio Maraldi and Simona Pera


(Ischia, 1 July 2010) The photo exhibition Trips to Italy - Italian movie sets 1941-1959 by Antonio Maraldi and Simona Pera is being hosted at the eighth Ischia Film Festival. The festival strives to display art closely related to cinema, photography and in particular set photography, which is the discipline which has witnessed, more than all others, the most cinematic moments and locations.
The exhibition celebrates the documentation of the regional location and the excellent job performed by the greatest set photographers.
The exhibition displays the first set photographs shot all over Italy, from Valle d’Aosta to Sicily, at the sets of the most important early post-war films.The material was selected from the precious photographic collection of the Cineteca Nazionale and the Centro Cinema Cittá di Cesena.
Set Photography is an art form that developed in the early post-war period when films began to be shot on location in the streets and the squares throughout Italy. This art form has been undervalued for a long time, but is necessary for highlighting set locations and cinematographic work; the exhibition seeks to return autonomy and value of expression to this art form.
Set photographers, like directors, have been operating on the same subject, using very similar means of expression, but having different modes of perception. Always at the service of the filmmaker, the set photographer strives to discover an intermediate space, a suspended world between the set chosen by the director and off-screen reality.
The exhibition will be set at the Aragona Castle and Ischia Ponte, the heart and the favourite location of Ischia Film Festival since its foundation.

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