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Since the first edition, the Castello Aragonese represents the exclusive location of the Ischia Film Festival and contributes in a very decisive way to tghe elegant and welcoming atmosphere, that marks this event.


The Castle rises on an eyot of trachytic rocks and is connected through a masonry bridge of a lenght of 220 mt to the East side of the Ischia Island. The castle is 113mt high above sea level and has a surface of around 56,000 mt square.

It's possible to reach the Castle through a mule track, or a modern lift installed at the end of 1970.

At the beginning it is digged into the rock, and it continues outdoors until the higher place where is situated the "maschio". From this main street there are other tiny streets that lead to the buildings and the gardens of the fortress. The lift reaches 60mt above sea level and his way is entirely digged into the rock. These buildings cover the most of the whole surface, largely covered with ruins and cultivated grounds; the aspects represented in the 18th century iconography has been hugely destroyed by the war events of the beginning of the 19th century and then abandoned for a long time. Only at the beginning of the 20th century started a renovation compaign that has given and continue to give  back an architectural dignity to this imposing monuments. The Royal house, called the "Maschio" (not possible to visit) and situated on the higher place of the North East side of the island, and the Dome of the Chiesa of Immacolata overlook the image of the Castle.    


I Luoghi IFF (in giallo)
1|Accesso pedonale


3|Casa del sole
|Cattedrale dell'Assunta
21|Passetto delle monache

22|Terrazzo della caffeteria
23|Terrazzo del convento
24|Giardino delle Clarisse
26|Albergo Il Monastero
27|Piazzale delle Armi
28|Segreteria IFF

Fail Clik sul riquadro azzurro a sinistra per visualizzare i luoghi di proiezione.

Altri luoghi da visitare
1|Accesso pedonale

3|Casa del sole
4|Chiesa S.Pietro Pantaniello
5|Palmenti e cellaio
6|Viale Palmenti
7|Carcere Borbonico 
8|Terrazzo degli ulivi
9|Caffe Terrazzo

10|Chiesa S.MAria Grazie
11|Torre di avvistamento
12|Sentiero del sole
13|Gradoni San Cristofaro
14|Chiesa Madonna Libera
15|Viale dell'Ailantus
16|Resti del tempio del sole
17|Terrazzo del Tempio
18|Loggetta panoramica
20|Chiesa dell'Immacolata
25|Cimitero delle Monache
26|Albergo Il Monastero 


The history of the Castle

The first fortress was built in the 474 b.C. by the greek Siracusano Gerone I, who helped Cumanians in the war between Tyrrenians. Afterwords the succesfull battle, Gerone I obtained the island and the Castle. In the 315 b.C., Romans founded Arenaria and utilized the Castle  as pillbox. The eruption of Monte Trippadi in 1301 was important for the development of the settlement of the Castle.People of this island  took refuge on it. In 1441 Alfonso D'Aragona rebuilt the old Angevin "Maschio", and joined the Castle to the island with an artifical bridge,building in fortified wall, where people of Ischia found refuge and protection. The Castle was in all its splendor at the end of 16th century, when it gave hospitality to 1892 families, other than Concento of the Clarisse, Basiliani of Greek Abbey, the Bishop with the Capitolo and Seminary, the Prince with the english garrison.

There were 13 churches. In 1809 English besiged it, hold by France, and destroyed it.In 1823 Ferdinando I, King of Naples, sent away last inhabitants and created the Castle as prison (in 1851 as politic prison, for men who opposed to Bourbon). In 1860 with the arrival of Garibaldi in Naples, the politic prison was destroyed and Ischia was joined with the Italian Kingdom.

On June, 8th 1912, the State property Administration sold at auction the Castle: from that moment, the rock goes private.

Click on the following pictures to visualize the data sheet of the most important Festival Location.

delle Armi


Area Cocktail

Piazza delle Armi

La Cattedrale Barocca Diroccata dell'Assunta

Area Cocktail alla Caffetteria del Convento

Casa del Sole

Terrazza del

delle Clarisse

La Casa del Sole

Terrazza del Convento

Chiostro delle Clarisse


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