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Ciak di Corallo 2011 awarded to Pupi Avati

Posted in Festival history - Ninth edition 2011


Pupi Avati, the director that become famous for films such as ‘Regalo di Natale’ and ‘Gli Amici del Bar Margherita’, will receive the Ciak di Corallo 2011, lifetime achievement award conferred during the ninth edition of Ischia Film Festival.  The award, previously won by Vittorio Storaro, Abel Ferrara, Pavel Lounguine – is justified by the attention dedicated in Avati’s movies to socio-cultural changes as well as to the wealth and poverty of the Italian province. The film maker native of Bologna, will collect the prize on July the 7th,. ‘Il papà di Giovanna’, movie of the year 2008 interpreted by Silvio Orlando and Alba Rohrwacher, is to be screened during the night.

Ischia Film Festival, the only International Film Festival dedicated to location, will celebrate the famous Italian director. Avati is an atypical movie director who usually focuses on antipodes styles and topics (from comedies to thrillers) and analyzes since his firsts movies issues of Italian society, in its past as well as in its future. The director n his movies have always outlined fears, contraddictions, as well as the many positive aspects that characterize Italy and its provinces, as arise from 'La casa delle finestre che ridono, shot in the Emilian province, rural and mysterious or 'Gli amici del bar Margherita', set in the genuine Bologna of the 50s. The Avati’s modus operandi does not change in ‘Il cuore grande delle ragazze’, movie wholly shot in the Marche region with the support of Marche Film Commission.

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