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The Ischia Film Festival at the International Film Festival Summit of Berlin

Posted in Festival history - Ninth edition 2011

IFFS a Berlino

The Ischia Film Festival represented by his artistic director Michelangelo Messina, was among the protagonists of the last ‘International Film Festival Summit’ that took place at the Hilton Congress Palace of Berlin on February 8th and 9th.
The summit, promoted by the IFFS, the biggest organization representing and promoting the film festival industry, is one of the most long-awaited meeting for people working in this sector.
This event takes place every six months in a different place of the world and for many years now it has welcomed world renowned producers, journalists and directors of important international festivals. tavola rotonda iffs berlinoBesides Michelangelo Messina, during the three days event also spoke other directors of Festival from around the world: Moscow, Taormina, Seville, Melbourne and San Francisco.
During the summit was reasserted the importance of festivals in the process of distributing indipendent movies and also in spreading film culture.
«It doesn't matter if a festival is big or small – said the Ischia Film Festival director speaking on February 8th – what matters is that it respects the setted themes and values and meets both filmmakers and audience's expectations».
So it's not so important how much money the festival has, but how good is the idea that it brings forward. «There are worthwhile festivals that are big in terms of audience or because they promote a movement supported by a rich market; at the same time there even are events that have an influence on the promotion and distribution process thanks to their specific theme. The Ischia Film Festival – says Messina – is certainly an event that grew thanks to its good project that allows it to be one of a kind with its competition devoted to cinema locations».

Il Panel:

Panel “War and Peace in Festivals: The value of collaboration”

All festivals exist in the sphere of influence of other festivals, whether in the same town or overseas.  In a recessed economy, competition is tighter than ever for sponsor dollars and audience attendance – and there is always the issue of having premier status for your marquee films.  So why would anyone want to share ideas or resources with the enemy?  Many festivals actively engage in alliances, partnerships, associations and other relationships with their festival brethren.

This session will discuss the complexity and varying opportunities of those relationships, provide perspectives on the pros and cons of engagement and isolationism, and give examples of their own experiences on the subject.

Moderator: Scott Roxborough, German Bureau Chief, The Hollywood Reporter

Michelangelo Messina, Director & Founder, Ischia Film Festival
Basil Tsiokos, Festival Director, Shoreline Entertainment
Deborah Young, Festival Director, Taormina Film Festival

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