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The Cinema at Ischia

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Ischia has always been considered 'the Island of light' and plays an important role in the international filmography scene. Since 1936 the Island, its wonderful main streets and charming landscapes have been the set of as much as 34 national and International productions.


In 1952 Ischia was discovered by the great American cinema industry, by the German director Robert Siodmark with The Crimson Pirate interpreted by an athletic Burt Lancaster and his true friend the tumbler Nick Cravat.

The film launched the green Island in the International scene passing it of as a Caribbean island. Warner will not be the only foreign production company to exploit Ischia’s wonderful locations; the French director Rene Clement for example chose it to set his En Plein Soleil taken from the novel by Patricia Highsmith that became The talented Mr. Ripley, for which in 1999 the great Director Anthony Minghella came back to Ischia for the remake of the film.

The great director Billy Wilder chose Ischia as a set for his Avanti, which was interpreted in a masterly matter by a cheering Jack Lemmon and a delightful Jiuliett Mills.
Ischia was also the set of several Italian productions such as Campane a Martello, Suor Letizia, Vacanze ad Ischia and Paradiso all'improvviso. Actors and directors like for example Boris Karloff, Peter Sellers, Alain Delon, Matt Dammon, De Sica and Visconti came to know and appreciated its wonderful places and Visconti even choose it as his summer residence.
Ischia the Island of light, characterized by architectural and historic reminescenses, charming natural landscapes, breath-taking views and historic houses opposite to the modern luxury villas represents an exceptional set, the most exploited in the cinema among the other parthenopean islands.

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