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Sightseeing in Ischia

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Between a film screening and an evening at the cinema, the Ischia Film Festival recommends you to discover the island and its beauty. A few days will not be sufficient to enjoy all that Ischia has to offer, but we are certain that year after year, you will become enthusiastic visitors of the festival and of the island, discovering every year new films and new places to enjoy.

  Spa Parks


Poseidon Gardens: Ischia Island’s biggest Spa Park is located due west of the Citara’s Bay, in the municipality of Forio. It is accessible by bus routes 2 and 14. Once there, you will find a park brimming with Spa swimming pools located both on terraces and on flat areas directly by the sea. Deckchairs, sun beds and beach umbrellas adorn the park and the private beach below. Equipped with all comforts (hydro-massage, waterfalls, etc.) twenty Spa swimming pools with a temperature that ranges between 30°C and 40°C are embedded in a huge garden. You can find unique wellness treasures here, such as a natural sauna cut into a rock, a Kneipp swimming pool and trail, an indoor swimming pool, beauty center, and more.

Negombo Spa Park. San Monatano Bay is located in the municipality of Lacco Ameno and the exotic Spa Park of Negombo rises nearby. Lacco Ameno is served by the following bus routes: CS, CD, 1 and 2. Once at the bus stop, continue by foot for approximately 15 minutes along the seashore path until you reach the Spa Park. Otherwise, you can get off at the “San Lorenzo” bus stop and the Spa Park is only 5 minutes away. The Spa Park owes its fame to the exotic plants and the park architecture, designed to be a symbiosis between nature and Spa. Ten Spa swimming pools perfectly integrated in what seems an enchanted forest await the most ambitious tourists. A number of famous artists’ sculptures are located in the park as an invitation to discovery and meditation.

Castiglione Spa Park. The Castiglione Spa Park is located in a valley at the entrance of the Casamicciola Terme municipality. The Spa Park is very easy to reach by bus, taking routes CS, CD, 1, 2 or 3 and getting off at the “Castiglione” bus stop. It is possible to reach the spa pools via a cable railway that continually takes people from the parking lot to the several terraces where the spa pools are located. Since the Roman Age, this location was known for its miraculous spa waters. The park trees and the blooming flowerbeds adorn and surround the nine Spa pools with temperatures that range from 30°C to 40°C.

The “Ninfario” Spa and Relaxation Park enjoys an exceptional location in the Cartaromana Bay, which allows benefitting from natural color therapy and aromatherapy thanks to its pools and waterfalls of sulphureous thermal water. The Park, thanks to its thermal water pools, sunbathing areas, oak trees and private access to the beach is an oasis of serenity for a pleasant vacation. Ischia Film Festival’s guests receive a 10% discount on the admission ticket to the park. This discount increases to 20% for guests that wish to dine at the Giardino delle Ninfe & La Fenice Restaurant.

The Island's most Beautiful Spots

It is a charming fishing village
reachable via bus routes
CD and CS.
From the bus stop, continue on
the panoramic pedestrian area.

Borgo Sant'Angelo
Chiesa Soccorso Forio

Chiesa del Soccorso in Forio.
Bus route CS and several others.
A short walk across Forio’s downtown
leads to the church

Maronti Beach
in Barano d'Ischia.
reachable by bus
route 5

Spiaggia dei Maronti
Scogli di Sant'Anna

View of the Aragonese Castle and
Sant'Anna Reef from
Torre di Michelangelo.
From Ischia Ponte they can be
accessed by foot or by
(which docks at the Cocò Restaurant)
By BUS take
route C12 or route C13

Cartaromana Bay and S.Anna Reef.
They can be accessed via  TaxiBoat
service or by land
taking bus
route  C12 or  C13

Whoever accesses the bay by boat

will find at the end of the beach

a natural hot spring not reachable by land.

baia cartaromana
Fungo di Lacco Ameno

Lacco Ameno “Mushroom”.
A green tuff rock nicknamed
"Mushroom" due to is unique shape.
Originally fallen from Mount
Epomeo, the rock has acquired its shape
thanks to natural erosion from the
sea and wind. Reachable by bus
CS and many others

Archeological Museum Villa Arbusto.
Read below the description of the
Pithecusae Archeological

Museum. Reachable by bus
CS and various others

Villa Arbusto

Panorama da Campagnano

View from Campagnano.
From here, it is possible to admire
the Aragonese Castle and even
more so the Vivara and Procida Islands
standing out against Mount Vesuvio.
Campagnano can be accessed
by bus route 8

Mount Epomeo.
It is accessible by bus routes
CD and CS.
From its top it is possible to enjoy a
a 360° view of the entire Island.
Athletes can climb by foot
less athletic people
may enjoy a climb up by mule

Salita al monte sul dorso del mulo

Fonti di Sorgeto

Natural Hot springs of Sorgeto.
Accessible by bus routes
CD and CS.
From the bus stop, you can continue
by foot. The place is enchanting,
but we do not suggest the trip to
those that are not used
to long walks and those who suffer
from heart problems or hypotension

Aragonese Castle. It hosts the Ischia Film Festival shows and most of the BILC meetings; it is the main cultural tourist attraction of the Island. Originally, in 474 a.C. Gerone of Siracusa built the Castle as a  fortress and after a long period of neglect, in the XIV century the building reached the height of its splendor. Under the Aragonese dynasty, starting from Alfonso I, the primitive fortress was enriched with walls, palaces and 13 churches; it became a political, cultural and spiritual center of great importance. Almost 2000 families, about 5000 people, lived within its walls. The Renaissance Court of noble poet Vittoria Colonna represented both the height of its splendor and the beginning of its decline, which lasted more than a century. The castle is open to the public from 9:00 am until late evening.

Discover all the places to visit at the castle and Festival locations.

La Mortella Botanical Garden. The marvelous garden “Mortella” in Forio Ischia is open to the public every spring, since 1990. Boasting 800 tropical and Mediterranean plants varieties, designed in the ‘60s by English architect Russell Page, it was created out of the rocks by William and Susana Walton. It can be reached by bus route CS and various others. The Bus stop is Zaro.

Civic Archeological Museum of Pithecusae Open to the public since April 1999, the Civic Archeological Museum of Pithecusae consists of eight oval rooms displaying, according to modern museography procedures, more than three thousand archeological finds, some of which brought to light by Dr. Giorgio Buchner, whose archeological research indicated Pithecusae as the most ancient Greek settlement in Southern Italy. Among the archeological finds, the most famous is certainly the Cup of Nestore. The museum is reachable by bus route CS and various others. The bus stop is “Villa Arbusto”.

The Marine Museum is housed in the most ancient and prestigious Municipal Heritage Palace of the hamlet of Cesa: the Clock Tower in Ischia Ponte. It opened at the end of 1996 with the aim of expressing the unique history of the island. A land born from the sea and a soil that found at sea its own destiny, work, and passion have the right to a well visible collective memory. Objects and archeological finds are in display for everyone to enjoy and they represent the result of the hard work of a group of people motivated only by the passion and curiosity for their own historical, social and cultural roots.

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